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The bucket

I was down today when my daughter randomly gave me the flower head of the gerber daisy I gave her after her ‘end of school’ performance. She said you know why I want you to have it? I said why? I gave it to you. She said “I want to fill up your bucket.” Recently at school she learned we have buckets inside of us, by our hearts. She told me that saying good things and even smiling can help fill up the bucket. I was blown today when out of the blue she knew to toss something into mine. What an amazing moment in my life. God bless little girls and all the buckets that need a little something out there. xo Angie


Hope your day is filled with it.





Do you ever…

wish a certain moment was frozen in time?

Love is all around

Ever since I watched Love Actually I can’t help but look for all the love stories in the airport every time I fly or drop someone off.

It’s something I try to do in my everyday life… when I can take a moment to put down my iPhone or stop whatever I’m doing to sit back, live in the present and really appreciate all the good stuff around me.

I know Valentine’s is a big commercial holiday.. but I still love it. I have great memories of my parents surprising us with yummy treats on Valentine’s morning. It’s something I hope to share with my daughter as she gets older.

Special thanks to Aunt Tricia for sending this adorable outfit!


Designer Wedding Dress Sample Sale

Dress alert for Brides-to-Be: Carline’s Bridal Atelier is having a Sample Sale! It’s a one day only sale will happen on Sunday June 26th from 10a.m.-2p.m.  They’re located in Georgetown at 1726 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington DC.

Designer Wedding gowns Oscar de la Renta, Carolina Herrera, Melissa Sweet, Karl Lagerfeld, Monique Lhuillier, Jenny Lee, Reem Acra and more will be priced as low as $999, $1,299, $1,499, $1,899 and $2699- marked down from original retail prices ranging from $2,950 to $8,450. That’s between 30%-75% Off.

MORE: Local brides pursue princess gowns

Remember all sales are final! It’s also 1st come, 1st served! Dress sizes range from 8-10. Carline’s accepts all payment EXCEPT Discover Card.

The best part of waking up…

is waking up.

What’s your favorite time of the day with the one you love?

See you back on the 9NEWS NOW Morning Show Monday February 28th starting at 4:25AM!

Someone turns 1 month today

Happy 1 Month Birthday Adora Kate We love you.

Dating site helps women seeking "Sugar Daddy"

There is something so wrong about this– but yet– a part of me thinks “If this is what you want and a man  is dumb enough not to see through it than you both deserve each other.”

Yeah, that’s my thought on the new dating website It claims to pair rich guys with women seeking the “sugar” lifestyle  aka “a gold digger.” The idea is to connect a “Sugar daddy” member with “Sugar baby”. It’s hilarious… when I went to the site it features pictures of salt ‘n’ pepper men with knock-out blondes. Is it just me or does it look like this guy spray painted his hair on.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about finding love.. even online. But SugarSugar seems more like a recipe for future relationship failure than a true find.

DC Cupcake Couple Inspire Reality Romance Novel


Michelle Snow Bracken and hubby Todd had their story picked up by Chicken Soup for the Soul publishers! The sweet couple met online a few years ago, got married and began Frosting a very successful cupcakery in Friendship Heights… Read More

Erica Moody contributed to this report

My Dad, the hero and dummy

Chin & Ren Married 37 Years

As a traffic anchor I know the dangers of sunglare which is why I often remind viewers to “bring the shades” when my camera shots are turning up hot. Today my dad Ren was with the infamous Chin headed to a medical appt when he witnessed a woman who couldn’t see the light go through a busy Fairfax Co. intersection at 40-50 mph. He knew it was gonna be bad … and CRASH…. a truck, another car and the woman’s vehicle collided sending her into what appeared to be a never ending spin out.Ren quickly pulled aside after watching smoke engulf the car. He noticed the woman could not get out. He couldn’t get her driver’s door open and pulled SO hard he ripped the handle off the door (insert gun show here). He finally managed to get open the back door where he pulled the lady through carefully as she talked him through where she was feeling pain. Dad said Fairfax Co was there in a jiffy…as was EMS and they kept the woman laid out in the back of his Honda Odyssey til they could take her to the hospital.

I say dad’s a hero.Back Then
Ask Chin and she says “He’s a dummy”
(she declined to go on camera for another ‘ask chin’)

Now it’s not that Chin isn’t compassionate… but as a wife who dearly loves her husband she was in fear. She followed with “What if the car blew up?” I can understand that. Ren responded “I wasn’t even thinking about it.”

In news, I’ve covered a share of tragedies, near tragedies and tales of inspiration. The truth is you NEVER know how you’re gonna react until you’re put in a real game-time-decision role. We’ve seen the horrific stories of the man hit by a car and no one stopping to help. Or the teen who’s being repeatedly raped in front a crowd… and no one speaks out.

I just wanted to share a story that reminds me how lucky we are to have real heroes in our everyday lives. I urge you to take time today to thank or send a note to those you know would do anything for you… or a perfect stranger.

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