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Under the Rainbow

Our celebration of St. Patrick’s Day continues with some fun snacks and crafts. Create a rainbow anywhere with just tissue paper and streamers!  Then surprise the kids with cupcake sleeves filled with lucky charms. Let them have fun dyeing the milk green! This was my daughter’s favorite part. Update on the Leprechaun trap: no luck yet!

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Cap'n Canned?

I am so bummed. Today while waiting to do my report on The Kirk & Mike Morning Show the boys were bantering about how Cap’n Horatio Magellan Crunch being exiled from the cereal world. Quaker Oats has removed him from their website.

Some speculate this could be the beginning of the end… in response to America’s fight against childhood obesity. Read more here

I say keep the CAP’N! This stuff is so darn good even without milk. Now if they start taking me Lucky Charms away… then we’re gonna have a real problem.

What cereal could you not live without?

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