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Nat’l Relaxation Day: Morning Massage

Sometimes our in studio guests are more than welcomed– they are so badly needed! Say hello to Tony Jackson who stopped by the morning show today to talk about things you can do to relieve stress. He had me inhale and say “Ahhhh” on the exhale. Something so small really does help. Special thanks to Dr. Martina Washington and Ayo Handy-Kendi for joining us too. Oh and if you’re wondering why we’re doing this, today is National Relaxation Day. Check out the video from the morning show below!



1 hour massage giveaway

All you have to do is “LIKE” the Facebook pages of local businesses Baby to Be Images and Lotus Therapeutic Massage. Between now and April 30th a lucky new fan will win 1 hour of pure bliss. Check it out below.

How to pamper a pregger

Whoever invented the body pillow deserves  a Peace Prize. Holy smokes… this thing is awesome.

It was the first step towards 1 hour of pure bliss. I ventured to The Still Point at it’s stunning new location in Takoma Park. That’s where I was greeted by Erika who specializes in prenatal massages. All I remember is cradling my body pillow while she worked my muscles from head to toe. I drifted off just enough to remain relaxed but still aware so I could enjoy the treatment. I usually like a ton of pressure but this was perfect. It wasn’t too hard and wasn’t too light. Just perfect.

SPECIAL: If you’re expecting, The Still Point is offering 15% off pre-natal massages. When you book let them know you heard about it through Oh My Baby!

Erika.. the lady with the magic touch!

Skincando’s Sara Damelio and Milinda Jefferson

rms beauty is a complete eco-makeup line, one of many TSP carries.

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