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I’m having Splashbacks

America’s favorite mermaid gets arrested at the White House. Daryl Hannah was protesting an oil pipeline expansion. As I watched her be cuffed and whisked away a couple random thoughts came to mind.

  • My childhood visit Aquarena Springs in San Marcos TX- where you could see pigs dive and an underwater mermaid show
  • “Madison” use to be an uncommon name
  • This time she wasn’t arrested for indecent exposure but can’t help but think she looks awesome at 50

Have you ever tried pig's feet

Chin's spicey/garlic pigs feet

As a child I remember eating them dipped in a salt mix we’d get from “back gate” when we lived in Hannam Village. Hannam was US territory in Seoul Korea although it wasn’t on the ARMY base. When you went “back gate”  you left the village into real Korea. We loved it ’cause for 100 Won (about a quarter) we jumped on trampolines for 10 mins… so high we could see over the brick wall that separated the two worlds.

My chingoos (friends in Korean) could agree back then you could get a lot for 100 won. Things like spicey korean rice cake (duk-boki) and cooked flavored sugar on a stick that melted in your mouth upon impact.

[Picture: Enjoying them last night, flavored by Chin with spicey sauce and garlic. Below: Playing on the monkey bars on a playground in Hannam Village in the 80’s]

Hannam Village

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