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Bus Stop Costumes

bus stop peter pan

Can you see her daughter?!

You guys know how much I’m into traditions and creating new ones! Well how excited I was to learn about  a really cool mom, Julie Mudrick from Vienna. All month she’s been dressing up in homemade costumes and surprising everyone when she picks them up from the bus stop! The whole crew on wheels gets a kick out of it.  It’s something she started 3 years ago when her son expressed was worried about what others thought of him. Her response was to dress up and show him that it’s ok to stand out, be goofy, fun and above all imperfect.  This year her oldest daughter who is in middle school decided to join in on the fun! You can find more of her costumes on facebook and instagram using #BusStopCostumes.

I have no clue what Julie will show up as tomorrow… but I know one thing for sure: Regardless of the wig, cape or makeup she throws on.. this mom is downright SUPER!



bus stop jasmine

All that’s missing.. the magic carpet!

bus stop willy

Looking for the golden ticket!

bus stop star wars



bus stop hunger games

Let the odds be in your favor


Bus stop nacho libre



bus stop malificent

Malificent horns made from a hanger and duct tape


bust stop harry potter

Feeling Harry Pottery


bus stop mary poppins

Let’s go fly a kite




bus stop gaston

Prettiest Gaston I’ve seen


bus stop super mom

Julie is SUPER MOM!


Show mom and a teacher you appreciate them!

Shout out to all you wonderful teachers out there! It’s Teacher Appreciation week and we found a great craft that can be personalized and is so easy to do. Adora is 4 and really had a blast painting this little heart box and top and a mug for her teachers. She was fascinated with watching the mug bake and seeing the colors darken. It was like our own little kiln 🙂 I got both kits at Michael’s. With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s really a quick easy craft for the kiddos to do!

From Our Mothers, To Our Mothers

March is Women’s History Month and the women of News4 paid tribute to some of the most important ladies in their lives. In a News4 Special “From Our Mothers, To Our Mothers” we share some of the best memories and life lessons we got from mom. The response so far has been overwhelming. Thanks to all who watched, cried and laughed with all of us. Please enjoy the show below with hilarious and heart warming moments from me, Doreen, Wendy, Veronica, Barbara, Eun and Pat.

Joining the Today Show #ParentingTeam

Some fun news! This morning the TODAY Show will launch it’s #ParentingTeam Community and I’m a part of it. The new digital + TV endeavor is a great place for parents to get personal and real about things that really matter. Every month TODAY will feature some of the most up-voted posts/topics.Here’s my first contribution on What I Wish I Knew Before Bringing Home Baby. Would LOVE if you could go to the link and give it a vote!

Military Mamas Get Spoiled!

Operation Homefront teamed up with the National Association for Catering and Events (NACE) to  throw the ultimate baby shower for military moms-to-be! Celebrating “Star Spangled Babies” the event honored and spoiled 50 area military moms.It was an honor to emcee again. The best part? When we surprised all the women with a brand new trendy Nuna Pepp stroller! Photos by Max Krupka

Her first day of school…

I cannot believe how fast this goes…

Turning Sick kids into Superheroes

Super Brenna... the inspiration!

Sick kids become superheroes, one cape at a time

Many of us moms do it. We follow blogs of other moms for advice, laughter and  inspiration. Sometimes the stories we read are so powerful they inspire us to act. In the case of Robyn Rosenberger… it made her want to sew.

The Seattle mom was in the midst of making superhero capes for her 1 year old son when she came across the blog about a baby girl named Brenna. Brenna was born with a rare and severe skin disease. Robyn read about the little girl’s battle including eye surgery at just 3 weeks and beating an aggressive blood infection. In Robyn’s mind, Brenna was a fighter.. she was Super Brenna.

“I realized that while my son looked cute in a cape, Brenna needed a cape.”

A smile is Super Anthony's biggest weapon in fighting hypotonia & congenital heart defects.

Touched by a total stranger Robyn reached out to Brenna’s mom through Facebook.  She asked if she could send a cape her way.

“She was ecstatic and told me that they have been calling Brenna their super hero since she was born!”

And that was the moment TinySuperheroes was also born.

Within a month Robyn’s Singer machine pumped out 80 capes. In the last two months the little colorful cloaks have empowered more than 100 kids nationwide. Many who are fighting illnesses that are undiagnosed, terminal or don’t have a cure.

How does she find them? She says it’s easy.. they find her. Social media and Facebook have  allowed TinySuperheroes to thrive and share incredible stories.

Almost all of the kids are connected to one another. Some stayed at Ronald McDonald Houses together, NICUs together, have the same disease, or became friends through social media.

“There’s Blessed by Brenna, A Very Special Case, Casen’s Crusade, Mabel’s Able, Ireland’s Journey…I’d been on Facebook for 7 years now and had never stumbled upon pages like these…and now they consume my Newsfeed!”

Once the child is comfortable in their new cape, their pictures and story are featured on Robyn’s blog. She hopes the it gives them a voice and their disability a face.

Robyn adds many of these kids have 10,000+ Likes on Facebook.. and that for most families social networking is the main source of advocacy and support.

Right now 100 more caped crusaders are in line to be featured on Robyn’s blog. When she’s not profiling these super human powers to be she’s stitching away for future heroes. Response has been so big the mom-on-a-mission has enlisted sidekicks… girlfriends that find fun in sewing around the dinner table.

“Our lives are full – full of fabric, full of typing, full of story reading, and full of so much love.”

Case by case, cape by cape… it’s this genuine power to help that’s making it easier for a little someone.. somewhere… to heal.

Bright and Bold for Heroes in Waiting!

Robyn and friends with their sewing machines

To sponsor a cape for a child or to read their extraordinary stories visit

Star Spangled Babies!

Let’s here it for the  little patriots to be. Earlier this week I visited Ft. Washington for Operation Homefront’s Star Spangled Babies Shower. It honored 50 Military Moms to Be. We had a blast playing some fun games the whole family got in on. Door prizes including a car seat and stroller set were exciting to give away. We also had guest speakers talking about healthy nutrition for mom and baby. The expecting moms all got a great basket of goodies for their little one. There was even a bag just for mom too. I love events like this because it really provides a lot of much needed support. Many of these women have husbands who are serving abroad… or in one case recovering at Walter Reed.


Operation Shower: Honoring 40 military moms-to-be

What an event! More than 40 military moms-to-be gathered for an amazing time at “Showered with Love”sponsored by Operation Shower. They got boxes of gifts from Babies ‘r’ Us that had diapers, clothes, toys and more inside. We gave away big prizes like strollers.. and car seats too. The big surprise.. everyone got a CRIB and $100 gift certificate! The food and dessert table were perfection and there was nothing more rewarding than seeing these ladies smile. Many of them have husbands who are overseas. Growing up an ARMY brat I saw my mom’s struggle first hand as she tried to keep 3 crazy girls in check. Thanks to our service members and to all their families for all that they give! Big thanks to Operation Shower for showing the love and support year after year! Photos by Susan Biddle Photography and Moxie Sox

First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden sent a message to all!

Baby bump photos!

Don’t get it

This is a huge KING size bed… but she insists on sleeping like this.

In pictures it looks cute.. in real life it’s so uncomfortable. At one point I woke up with her feet horizontally across my face.

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