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Bravo! Ballet!

Big moment for mom. Adora finished completed her first session of Ballet and has the paper to prove it!

I’m so proud of her!

Of course it was a rigorous class.. that involved playing with fairies with her friends!

Oh and there was also the challenging “dress-up” part of the curriculum

Today they were all about the bears

Check out her leap and curtsy skills!


Let’s be honest. There’s nothing cuter than dressing up your doll in ballet gear. Love these monogrammed leotards that just came in from LayneJames Designs.

In love with Fall

This week we could feel it. The start of Fall is here. The weather is way cooler in the mornings, football fever is on and the kiddos are back in school. Before we know it… it will be gone. I find Fall is always a fast season. It’s definitely one of my favorites which is why on these first few days I figured I would waste no time capturing what I could. Everyday I find a reason to get out. Today I decided to take Adora to the old railroad car in downtown Herndon. It was awesome. Just us… some seasonal candy and an old choo choo! By the way I got the vintage suspender skirt by Papoose Clothing on Etsy and the candy corn is from the Target $1 bin!

Mom Pick of the Week: Olive to Sew

This week I’m loving my monogrammed onesie from The founder who possesses the sassy needle skills is Kere Knapp, a mom of two who lives in South Riding. This is one of many things Adora has bearing her initials. She also has a basket, two piece outfit and a blanky!

Tickled Pink in Potomac

I cannot even begin to tell you how overwhelmed with emotion I am with all the support I’ve gotten from friends, family and co-workers over the last 8 months. My sisters Jenny and Tricia threw me a beautiful shower at good friend Dr. Alex’s Potomac home.

It was more than perfect– it was as I told the crowd– a room filled with so much love. Wish I could post the hundreds of pictures and special moments captured by’s Daniel Swartz and Rita Lawrence with Bitsy Baby Photography. Please check out their galleries. Sweet thanks to Frosting: A Cupcakery for sending devilishly good dessert. No cupcake was left behind. Shout out to the gorgeous Lauren Von Der Pool and staff with green catering company Von Der Pool Gourmet.  I didn’t learn til after the party that the ‘beef wontons’ were vegan! I would’ve never known. They were delicious!

The best part of all? Seeing so many women from different phases of my life- high school, college, SC, DC, News, philanthropy and  mamas-to-be coming together to help me celebrate my first step into motherhood. Thank you everyone from me and baby “A”. Read more about the shower at where Leigh Macdonald wrote a very kind recap of the party.

A glance at some gifts…



Look who's coming to dinner

I fell madly in love with these Ladies-in-Waiting plates by Balducci. There are four different ones. There’s just something about a woman who wears a ship in her hair while having afternoon tea.  I’m having a great time outfitting the new pad, plus I finally get to break out all those monogrammed wedding gifts from more than 2 years ago!

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