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For the fathers

I hope all the dads out there enjoy this Sunday set aside just for them! It’s extra special for us since we’ll be celebrating our first Father’s Day.

… and a very big thank you to dad and papa for loving us so much.



You are the coolest mom by far. I love you and I love how you always make us laugh. Speaking of laughs.. dug this old Mother’s Day video up. The video that started the ASK CHIN craze.

Awesome Nana!

Losing a loved one…

You may have noticed it’s been a few days I haven’t posted much. My nana fell seriously ill suddenly and the outlook did not look good. My father, my sisters and my entire extended family made the trip to Columbia, SC to see the woman who has been our family rock through decades of children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren. Betty Goff was a heck of a lady and in her last days she appeared to be the happiest. From her hospital bed, barely able to talk she told us over an over that ‘we have a beautiful family’ and that she would ‘see us again.’ Together we laughed,  we cried and we prayed on our own and out loud. Even on her last day Nana was full of life. 

We held a memorial which was a true celebration of everything she was. Instead of wearing black, we all wore pink… my Nana’s favorite color.  A color she loved so much she wore it on her wedding day. Nana passed away June 28th, 2010… two days shy of celebrating 53 years of being married to my wonderful Papa.

With my Papa, Earl Ray Goff. He is a veteran, a true patriot, a loving husband, father and grandpa!

The Goff family extended. We wore pink to honor our grandmother’s favorite color.

The day of Nana’s memorial I thought it was symbolic to see Columbia’s famed 5 points fountain shooting pink water.


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