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The Ice village and slide are back at Gaylord National at National Harbor. The kids got a kick out of the new Jack Frost theme. The slides are always a hit. Be sure to grab some hot chocolate after before hopping on the carousel or decorating gingerbread cookies. Here’s more information on the exhibit which will be open through Christmas. You can get photos with Santa too.      ICE Frost

ice santa

ice carousel

ice santa1

ice slide

ICE cookies

Ice Frost1

Old Saint Nick

Not everyone was feeling it this year



GEM! National Children’s Museum

Now this is a playground for all ages. If you have kids.. visiting the National Children’s Museum at National Harbor is a must do. NCM opened in December and is exclusively focused on the kiddos. Adora loved the Sesame Workshop where visitors 3 feet tall or younger than 3 can play. For the older children (which Adora took advantage of too) there’s a lot of learning stations. World Cultures allows kids to see how different countries eat and also shares their customs. Your child can even dress up in traditional garb from a variety of places.

What’s cool is each month will feature a different theme. More importantly.. parking is easy for families. There’s a garage right next door. It cost me $5. Tickets are $10 for adults and kids. Those under a year are free (ps there’s an infant only section too!). Another perk is having good eats nearby. I let Adora run out of steam and then we walked over to Nando for some good ole chicken!

Learning about luggage at the airport

“Totem” Takes The Breath Away

Cirque du Soleil’s latest show, “Totem” creatively imagines the evolution of mankind, incorporating all the stunning feats you’ve come to expect from Cirque — and then some. It’ll be in town Aug. 15-Sept. 16. Check out some amazing shots from Media night! My two sisters had the time of their lives! Also check out my NBC4 interview with the show’s director and talent.





Christmas in July

We dropped the T in HOT and decided to go HO HO HO!

It’s Christmas in July and some familiar Dreamworks characters helped us get into the holiday spirit. The festive family party at the Gaylord National at National Harbor previewed the fun we can expect this Fall when Christmas on the Potomac arrives!  In addition to seeing Santa and some snow… the kids got to make gingerbread houses and enjoy an after party on the water.


Going crazy with confetti with Bella

Christmas spirit sights and sounds were all around.. watch:


Aunt Tricia and Liam and Caelyn by the water

Hey I like your outfit!

Scaredy Cat!

TOTEM: Big top show stops in DC

Christian Laveau, Angie Goff and Tim Smith in NBC's Nonstop Studio

I love love love Cirque du Soleil and psyched more than ever for their new show Totem to arrive. Opening night is August 15th but I had a chance to catch up early with the show’s artistic director Tim Smith (who btw graduated from JMU). We also talked with one of the performers Christian Laveau… who didn’t even audition for a spot on the show. Yeah.. it’s an interesting story you’ll want to see. Opening night is August 15th at National Harbor. The show which captures the journey of man from an amphibian state to wanting to fly… is here for limited time. Stay tuned.

‘ICE’ is so COOL!

You know it’s a good attraction when an 11 month old doesn’t mind being in 9 degree weather! ICE!, is part of National Harbor’s Christmas on the Potomac. The Gaylord National Resort and DreamWorks Animation turned 2 million pounds of ice into an amazing winter wonderland. The theme this year is “Merry Madagascar” and the story of how the big lion helped save Christmas. A history buff, I was fascinated after watching a video that tells the story of the 40 artisans from Harbin China who come yearly to cut and create the different scenes. Now I wanna go to China to see the amazing ice city that’s erected annually in Harbin. At ICE! here at home families get big parkas to wear through the frozen fantasy land and then can ice skate at a little rink after. There’s also a Choo Choo Train and beautiful Christmas shop– where me and Adora started a new tradition– picking out an ornament together for the tree. I loved seeing my colleagues Eun and Elaine with their families too. It was truly a magical day.

Elaine Reyes and beautiful Mercer

Carys, Adora and Ben

Eun Yang hits the ice!

Ice slides are a HIT!

Diane Murphy and Amie Gorell


Are you (PEEP) Kidding Me??

Angie & KristinaPeeps & Company

I’m stuck.

Cannot seem to figure out out of ALL the candy in the world how the sugar-covered marshmellows we all know as PEEPS landed their own shop. America’s first Peeps & Company opened at National Harbor Thursday. With more than 850 products to choose from.. in addition to the soft guys.. we’re talking t-shirts, key chains, blow-up peeps and even tablewear. Just Born Inc is behind the business and while I can think of a hundred different sweets that would make a sweeter store I admit I plan to pop in. The sugar heads are so darn cute. Plus.. the candy maker is based in Bethlehem PA– the beloved hometown of OMG ultimate peep Kristina Dorville. (right)

So while we’re on the soft topic I figured I’d share my favorite PEEP show.

Peeps Love Georgetown Cupcake 

I’m also prompted to start a list of candy I would LOVE to see a store made of:

  • Bit-O-Honey
  • Hot Tamales
  • Peanut Butter M&MS


PS: Above Pic = Heaven

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