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The Nationals have clinched the NL East title and to show solidarity with the team… our guys at #NBC4 are growing out their playoff beards. What? You expect me to sit back, relax and let them have all the fun. No way! Go #NATS!

Chuck this weekend let it go:

Richard has some catching up to.

Handly and Kammerer happy to grow:

News4 Today at Nats Park

Talk about team spirit. You know it’s high when everyone has to be at work before midnight or shortly after and they still show up for an all-day affair at Nats Park!

BR: Danella Sealock, Brian Callahan, Social Chair Scott Eisenhuth, SR: John Wist, Ryan Sprouse, Charlitta Rodrigues, Jackie Bradford FR: Brandon Benavides, Angie Goff, Matt Stawarz

Three’s a crowd!

Rockin’ the red with Danella

John Wist and wife!

Proof that one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch (even when they beat us)

Spirit fingers with Charlitta and Aaron Gilchrist

A retirement loving Joe Krebs shows the love. Here with NBC4 GM Jackie Bradford


Throwing out the first pitch

Throwing the first pitch at the Nationals game, a day after beating top ranked Phillie was AWESOME! I warmed up the arm with colleague Mike Hydeck. I have to admit I was a bit more on target during warm-up than when it came time to deliver. Thank goodness I had a catcher with a great wing span… my pitch was a slight wild throw to the right- but he caught it!

MORE: Watch Angie Throw The First Pitch

Mike with die hard morning show viewer Marcia

United with our favorite eagle Screech again!


Screech invades traffic report

Happy Nationals Opening Day! Let’s play ball. This week our favorite eagle Screech paid a visit to our studios and helped out with the traffic.

Oh Snap! Hanky Panky

Because I know you all look at pictures first anyone who can figure out why Bisnow’s Mike Ponticelli has a personalized Hanky Panky with BM on it please speak up. Boys and girls got their bedroom bedazzle on for Becky’s Fund at the W Hotel. The Pre-Valentine party raised more than brows… it raised a lot of money for Becky’s fight to end domestic violence. Spotted: Nationals President Stan Kasten, Politico’s Kiki Ryan, Style expert  Toni Leinhardt.

Metromix.comf with Piao Sam, Stephanie Fontenot  

[Photos courtesy of Alfredo Flores/ Metromix: Jayne Sandman, Barbara Martin & Mike Ponticelli, Blaze Dimov and Bojan Peovski flank Becky Lee, Toni Leinhardt celebrates with Lily Mazahery, Piao Sam and friend with Angie Goff who loves Georgetown Cupcake]

Pick Of The Day: With the President!

.. and then some.

George, Tom and Teddy showed the love in the lobby at WUSA TV. They’re part of the Metromix Best of DC 2009 Award Show and helped shoot some scenes with me!  Mark your calendar the show airs Dec 26th on Channel 9! Thanks to @obrienmedia for the click!

Picture with the Presidents

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