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'Fat Tuesday' ain't over

Mardi Gras celebrations don’t have to necessarily be in New Orleans… Capital Hill’s 18th Amendment Restaurant and Bar certainly thinks differently. Owner Vicky Henderson believes Fat Tuesday is a great way to invite patrons to take a break from the DC scene and escape into a little bit of New Orleans culture while sampling traditional creole platters. Celebrity Chef Teddy Folman helped revamp and refresh the restaurant’s menu for mouth watering Lousiana favorites.

Looking to try a delicious  shrimp po’ boy, gumbo, or traditional king cake?

 Check out the special Mardi Gras Menu HERE!

18th Amendment- 613 Pennsylvania Ave SE, Washington, DC.

Written by Joelle de Guise

Cajun Takes DC

D.C. tastemakers attended the VIP opening of The Cajun Experience restaurant! It’s the newest addition to the Dupont dining scene.

A week before Fat Tuesday the celebration couldn’t be more timely. We caught up with  Executive Chef Bryan Crosswhite who boasts he has no formal training in the kitchen… his food all comes from family traditions and passed down recipes.

Check out the story I shared on WUSA9′ s Morning Show.  

Try The Cajun Experience for yourself at 1825 18th Street NW! Live music on Friday and Saturday Nights with patio seating in the Spring. 

James Cameron Inspires Creative Students

See the story as aired on the WUSA9 Morning Show

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)–  Imagination Cup: In local buzz, a big Hollywood name inspires big brain students. Oscar winning director James Cameron spoke at Microsoft’s Imagine Cup held at the Newseum. Hundreds showed up from science colleges and high schools worldwide for the innovation competition. UC Davis with their project to help field doctors use mobile tech in developing regions won this year!

Super Sunday Isn’t Just About Football Girl

Unless your a Colts or a Saints fan (or in Las Vegas), you’re likely looking forward to something besides the outcome of this Sunday’s Super Bowl in Miami.

As much as I love to sit and listen to Phil Simms break down pass protections, blitz packages, the Manning family quarterbacking tree and Reggie Bush’s big-play capabilities most weekends throughout the year, I’ve gotten my fill with all the over-analyzing that goes on the two weeks leading up to the game. One can only take so much of John Clayton and Chris Mortensen reporting on Dwight Freeney’s ankle.

Once the 44th Super Bowl kicks off, my attention is focused on the women who will be in commercials, how much bean dip I can down, at what point to switch from beer to cranberry/vodkas and the inevitable arguments with fellow NFC East fans on what was the greatest Super Bowl champ to come out of the division; the ‘91 Redskins, one of the Big Three-led Cowboys teams or the ‘86 Giants that were quarterbacked by Simms? (This argument is also when Eagles fans, and their zero Super Bowl titles, get quiet … which is almost unheard of.)

Don’t get me wrong, the game is going to be fantastic. It’s the Saints and their fearless leader, undersized and underestimated (just ask the Dolphins, who passed on signing him a few year back) quarterback Drew Brees vs. the Chosen One (Manning) and his Jordanaires. It’s the battle of the teams with the best records in their respective conferences, the top two vote-getters in the MVP balloting (Manning and Brees), the first year coach (Indy’s Jim Caldwell) matched up with the coach who looks like he’s 13 (New Orleans’ Sean Payton), the Battle of the Reggies (Wayne and Bush), the Brickyard vs. Bourbon Street.

Whatever angle you want to view it from, it’ll be a great game and I’m sure you will enjoy it.

And don’t mind me, I’ll be the guy in the back of the room with beer stains on his shirt, bean dip on his chin and some pissed off Giants fan trying to come after me (my buddy Walt can tell you all about what that’s like) who keeps asking what the score is.

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