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Meet the Media Sept 28th!

Hey guys! I’m excited about an upcoming panel I’m on. The Fairfax Chamber is hosting a “Meet the Media” event. Details are below… really hope you can join us! The majority of the session will be reserved for questions from the audience.
Doug Fruehling, Editor, Washington Business Journal
Angie Goff, Anchor, NBC4 Washington
Brynn Koeppen, Editor, WashingtonExec
Uriah Kiser, Publisher,
Moderator: Jonathan Arehart, Founder & CEO, Cavendo

Who Should Attend?
Communications & marketing professionals
Executives interested in dialoguing with journalists
Representatives from businesses that may not have a full-time communications or marketing team, but still want to have a voice in the press

Beyond Facebook and Twitter

Sitting on my panel and staring out in the crowd and seeing people standing.. sitting on the floor.. that’s an awesome sight. It tells me that journalists are eager to find ways to connect with their viewers and readers in news ways. I loved sharing the stage with Yahoo’s social media director Angela Kim and NPR’s Elise Hu. We stayed away from sharing theories about social media and really tried to focus on some great tools to use or experiement with when reporting. Here you go:
Some tools we use:
Social Cam App- it’s free and allows you to share video and even add filters, chyrons and music. Think instagram for video. I use this when in the field reporting.. and on the desk during commercial break. I took this right before our panel started.
Public News Service- great way to find interesting story ideas from the people
VYou- let the people ask you question and you respond via video
Every Block- Free app with city documents, rentals, hyper local news, crime blotter
Jing- great app for capturing screen shots
reeldirector App- it’s final cut pro on your iPhone or iPad. I love this.
Pinterest- find a way to get your station/paper using this. The power of the repine has already been big!
To all who came out and asked great questions.. thank you!

The Tigger is Coming!

I’m so excited about having Big Tigger join us in studio ever y Monday on our 4PM show.


We’re gonna talk about all the buzz surrounding the The Voice for that week… THEN we’ll co-host a LIVE chat at 8PM at We hope you’ll join us every Monday night… it’s so much fun. Then look for a recap of what we all discuss on News4 at 11 that night! Here’s February’s chat schedule is below:

View more videos at:

Potty paranoia

If you follow me on twitter you notice I put a rather disturbing story up that almost everyone can relate to. Coffee drinker or not you have likely stepped foot into a Starbucks. Well now a lawsuit has surfaced where a man alleges the Starbucks on 7th and Pennsylvania (one I visit often!) had a spy camera pointed at the toilet. He claims his daughter spotted it, he noticed it was on and called the manager and eventually the police came.

MORE: Suit Alleges Spy Cam at Starbucks

True or not… that’s yet to be determined but it makes me think about how easy this would be to do. With the tiny lipstick cameras available to anyone these days this is a big possibility virtually anywhere.

Anyone else out there feeling a little potty paranoia this morning?

Shore is nice

More than 500 people showed up for the opening reception of Chef Jeff Black’s Pearl Dive Oyster Palace. The group raised more than $25,000 which will go towards making a special teaching kitchen. The kitchen will be at the Washington Nationals Diabetes Care Complex at Children’s Medical Center. The new restaurant dishes out an average of 4,200 oysters a night! PS… did I mention they have a bocce court in the seafood house.  More photos by Andrew Lightman.

Facebook: Your stalker list

Imagine the horror: A list of all the people you stalk on facebook revealed. If it happened would you be embarrassed?  It wouldn’t be so bad to know as long as no one else can see it. Well now you can.

MORE: Facebook launches Smart Lists

VOTE: National Zoo’s Panda Name

According to you can drag the  Facebook Friends link to your browser’s bookmark bar. Then log on to Facebook and click the bookmarklet and BAM your “most stalked” are revealed. I did this in 5 minutes.

I was gonna post my screen save of it but then I realized some of my friends may think I’m a freak considering their ranking on my list.

PS: Hurry up, who knows when Facebook discovers this capability and yanks it.


VIDEO: Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar Party

It’s out!

We know who’ll be the QB come Sunday but you never know the creative way these ladies will heat up the sidelines! Get a preview– coverage from the Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar party. Video by L.I.A.M Productions. Check out more of NFL Cheerleaders Kick Off Edition!

I’m having Splashbacks

America’s favorite mermaid gets arrested at the White House. Daryl Hannah was protesting an oil pipeline expansion. As I watched her be cuffed and whisked away a couple random thoughts came to mind.

  • My childhood visit Aquarena Springs in San Marcos TX- where you could see pigs dive and an underwater mermaid show
  • “Madison” use to be an uncommon name
  • This time she wasn’t arrested for indecent exposure but can’t help but think she looks awesome at 50

CASTING: Is your dog top dog?

Does your four legged friend put other dogs to shame?
Is your K9 really the top dog?

Residence Inn Arlington Capital View is launching a Top Dog contest to crown a doggie mascot for the pet friendly extended stay hotel.
Contestants take the stage October 6th and will be judged by Arlington County K-9 Division, veterinarians, doggie trainers, and high profile dog lovers.

You can enter your four legged friend today and up until September 24th. You must submit photos and inforamation with a $25 donation to the WashingtonHuman Society.

For more information please visit

Why should anyone like us?

Any opportunity I get to tap into the minds behind the most powerful social network I’m gonna take it. At Gannett HQ I got the chance to attend a Q&A with Facebook Executives Andy Mitchell and Vadim Lavrusik . They gave great examples of how newsrooms and news personalities are using social networking and the “wisdom of the people” to strengthen credibility and conversation. According to Mitchell 50% of Facebook’s 750+ Million users return daily to check in. Their new mobile application already has 250 million tapping away. As a journalist it was helpful to see the different ways to search for sources, news and subjects.

They pointed out that their analytics which are what any brand really cares about, still has some kinks in it (like lack of customization, bad CTR, no way to track time spent on page or top content). Even with that  or lack thereof, it seems everyone is in a rat race to get more people to like them. Even though most newsrooms and managers are still trying to figure out what all this means. You may win the popularity contest online– but how this translates to breaking news consistently through use of fans, improving ratings and above all making some money have not been proven. Sorry.. there’s no answer or app for that.

I will say it was interesting to see how different news stations are vying to increase their Likeness. One promised only exclusive content while another embraced social good donating a bottle of water for every Like they got. Then there was the shop that promised viewers that for 3,000 likes they’d tase their weatherman. Of course it happened… and I agree with the Facebook guys– they could’ve had a higher goal. Talk about adding some real insult to injury.

From my observation– I feel people decide to “Like” a page when they get something free or if their friend asks them to do it. It’s that simple. I’ve had a lot of fun with it getting news tips, story ideas and viewer generated content I can share on-air.

With that, I’m interested in seeing how a page inspires you to pledge your allegiance. What does it take for you to give that virtual and now most highly valued “thumbs up.”

PS: Don’t forget to Like OMG on Facebook ;)

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