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Please don't leggo my eggo


My hubby and me were gonna wait a little while and just when we figured it out this comes along and freaks me out. An unsettling report this morning on women and making babies. WUSA9 ran a story on a new study that says potential baby mama’s have less time than originally thought when it comes to our egg reserve. Here’s what British researchers found:

  • COOL: Avg woman starts out with 300,000 potentially viable eggs. 
  • WE KNEW THIS: She steadily loses that reserve. 
  • EEK!: By age 30, nearly 90 percent have been lost. 
  • 🙁 By age 40, only 3 percent are left, with a higher proportion of abnormal eggs.My Birthday with Mom & Dad

My colleague Andrea Roane and I immediately thought: “I hope Chin is not watching!”  My mother has been banned from using the words ‘make baby’ in my presence. But then I realized this report really did bother me.  I see so many women in their 30’s and 40’s waiting to have children especially in my line of work.  Ugh, what gives… obviously not my ovaries as much as I thought they would.

Read the entire story at or watch it here:

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