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Show mom and a teacher you appreciate them!

Shout out to all you wonderful teachers out there! It’s Teacher Appreciation week and we found a great craft that can be personalized and is so easy to do. Adora is 4 and really had a blast painting this little heart box and top and a mug for her teachers. She was fascinated with watching the mug bake and seeing the colors darken. It was like our own little kiln ūüôā I got both kits at Michael’s. With Mother’s Day around the corner, it’s really a quick easy craft for the kiddos to do!

Day at Clay Cafe (then Korean)

Picking out our colors

As my daughter gets older (can you believe 21 months already!) I’m constantly looking fornew ways to engage her and to play with her. I heard about Clay Cafe inChantilly. We made the trip with my sisters and their kiddos.

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Of course our timing wasterrible.. we showed up with less than hour before closing. Still the staff was great… they said we could paint something very quick and we got crackin’. For Adora I chose a cupcake plate while my niece opted for a more challenging tea pot. Loved that my sister Jenny aka “new mom” dabbed her baby’s tiny foot in the (kid friendly) paint to do an imprint.

We got our projects done with a few minutes to spare. We have to wait 8-10 days before we can pick them up. Can’t wait to see how the pottery turns out.
After our crafty session we couldn’t help but hop across the street to Lotte. The Korean grocery mart also has good restaurants. Our parents drove out to join us and it became an impromptu family affair. Those are always the best kind.


There was a bit of self painting going on too

Sister Tricia and daughter Caelyn


New nephew Knox.. still so new


The gaggle go for Korean

ArtJamz.. we paint on Live TV

I can tell from Chuck's face he really likes it

ArtJamz founder Michael Clements joins me in studio to help me unleash my inner artist. The end result? An original Van Goff. Not sure if I entertained or offended my co-workers who served as my inspiration.

ArtJamz has a series of sessions in March coming up, hosted in their new studio home in Dupont Circle.

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View more videos at:

Inspiration comes daily.. with a click

What a gem for art lovers in the district. ¬†‘Head¬†for Art’ is a ‘hub’¬†of art activites¬†that will keep creatives satisfied 365 days a year.¬†¬†Everyday, Cambridge graduate, writer and artista,¬†Aleid Schneider-Ford, chooses one art work from DC‚Äôs National Gallery of Art¬†and then discusses the piece¬†in¬†her post.¬†

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Ford’s¬†blog, ¬†‘Art 2010’, explores new ways of exploring life and¬†just by opening our eyes and mind to art.¬†¬†‘Head for Art’¬†also includes ‘on tour’ experiences to¬†exciting destinations, links to¬†Ford’s¬†published work, and archives of previous days’ posts.¬†

¬†Visit ‘Head for Art’ now!¬†¬†

To hang or not to hang: Nursery Painting Controversy

I am a big fan of Colombian figurative artist Fernando Botero¬†known for his ‘larger than life’ style. I fell in love with his ‘Mona Lisa, Age 12’ and thought it would add some renaissance to my mostly white nursery with gold accents. I got the canvas oil painting and had a frame made for it.¬† Before hangin it above the changing table I sent an iPhone pic out to the hubby and siblings for reaction.¬† This is how it went…

Angie: I present… Baby Mona Lisa

Sister Jenny: Did someone “fat booth” Mona Lisa? (for those of you who don’t know ‘fat booth’ is my fave iPhone app, it makes people really fat after you take a pic of them)

Husband:¬† ….a very disturbing picture.¬† It looks like a female Chucky doll with boobs!

Sister Tricia: I think it is hilarious!  But, if it scares the baby, you might just put it in the bathroom across from the toilet.

Sister Jenny: I’ve never seen a baby with so much cleavage

Liquid Soul: Flavored drinks inspire art

The synergy between artist and their mediums overflowed at the Liquid Soul event held at The Fridge DC in Southeast Washington. AM Radio artists created live art murals based on Vitamin Water flavors.

See FULL STORY… watch coverage from the event on WUSA9 below:

Mother's Day Portraits benefit Children

An artful way to save memories and children!

On the heels of Mother’s Day, a¬†special¬†tribute to moms and their daughters. Peacock Cafe in Georgetown hosted the opening night of ‘Mothers to benefit The Children’s Law Center.‘ The collection includes portraits of 7 mothers and their children, like Micky Farivar and daughters Ava and Ella Rose. Artist Don Patron will generously give proceeds from his art to The Children’s Law Center.¬†Contact The Peacock Cafe’ if interested in getting your portraits done for charity.

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