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Joining the Today Show #ParentingTeam

Some fun news! This morning the TODAY Show will launch it’s #ParentingTeam Community and I’m a part of it. The new digital + TV endeavor is a great place for parents to get personal and real about things that really matter. Every month TODAY will feature some of the most up-voted posts/topics.Here’s my first contribution on What I Wish I Knew Before Bringing Home Baby. Would LOVE if you could go to the link and give it a vote!

Don’t get it

This is a huge KING size bed… but she insists on sleeping like this.

In pictures it looks cute.. in real life it’s so uncomfortable. At one point I woke up with her feet horizontally across my face.

Prom dress code divides students, parents

I’m hearing that Prom this year at Freedom High School in Loudoun County is “polarizing” the community. I’m told it all started after the school posted a dance “‘dress code.” Here’s a copy of what the kids got- basically no high slits, cut out bodices, plunging necklines and ultra low open backs.

Shocker.. students are upset. So much so they aren’t going- to THAT prom. In fact, I’ve learned via an anti-dress rule revolution online the students organized an “alternate’ party. One on a boat. One that got more than 60 students out to a local McDonalds within half an hour to sign up for the unofficial “second prom.”

MORE: Girl gets arrested for her prom dress

Last night I’m told the principal held a meeting– parents came out swinging on both sides and nothing was decided upon. So come next week.. we’ve got two parties and now parents saddened that their kids who’ve grown up together won’t share one of the biggest moments in high school.

Also, included in the rules that went out: this graphic. Can’t help but find it amusing. I’m not gonna share the bump ‘n’ grind pictures attached to it showing “appropriate” and “inappropriate” dancing.  Just use your imagination.

Royal Wedding: Middleton's parents under fire

Check out my interview with Royal Wedding expert Hilary Fordwich on Kate Middleton’s parents accused of cashing in on big day. Plus the latest on Kate’s childhood for sale and why she’ll have two wedding gowns.

My Social Sonogram, baby opens her eyes!

In a couple weeks we’ll be airing Peggy Fox’s story on having a ‘Social Sonogram.’ It was like watching a real time movie in 3D. My audience included my parents, two sisters Jenny and Tricia who flew in from Texas and good friends Alex Naini and Krystal Person (who’s expecting too!). Stay tuned for pics and video. I’ll save the 3D images to share later… we first did an old fashion sonogram where my baby girl actually looked at the camera– you can see her left eye.. but not her right because her hand was casting a shadow on that side of her face. She kept opening her eyes and yawning! So cute.

Follow my pregnancy online at WUSA9’s site just for moms Oh My BABY at

The LIVE audience at Baby To Be Images in Annapolis Maryland

Jelly on my belly with Linda trying to get my little girl to move her arms out of the way

Final Rose Ceremony: DC's Bachelor Castaway to CA

It was a sad night for the ladies of DC at 19th on I and 19th street! Former TV ‘Bachelor’ Andy Baldwin bids farewell to Washington as he takes on his new assignment at a hospital in San Diego.

We’ll miss our favorite Navy Doc and the wonderful things he did for our military men and women, war widows and our veterans through his Got Your Back Network. Thanks for being a great friend Baldwin… we’re gonna miss you! 

Pamela Sorensen and Pals

Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin with Susan Roberts, David Vennett and Lorie Peters Lauthier.

Angie enjoying the side of mayo

Donna Lee, Alexandra Simms and Sunanda Patel

Please don't leggo my eggo


My hubby and me were gonna wait a little while and just when we figured it out this comes along and freaks me out. An unsettling report this morning on women and making babies. WUSA9 ran a story on a new study that says potential baby mama’s have less time than originally thought when it comes to our egg reserve. Here’s what British researchers found:

  • COOL: Avg woman starts out with 300,000 potentially viable eggs. 
  • WE KNEW THIS: She steadily loses that reserve. 
  • EEK!: By age 30, nearly 90 percent have been lost. 
  • 🙁 By age 40, only 3 percent are left, with a higher proportion of abnormal eggs.My Birthday with Mom & Dad

My colleague Andrea Roane and I immediately thought: “I hope Chin is not watching!”  My mother has been banned from using the words ‘make baby’ in my presence. But then I realized this report really did bother me.  I see so many women in their 30’s and 40’s waiting to have children especially in my line of work.  Ugh, what gives… obviously not my ovaries as much as I thought they would.

Read the entire story at or watch it here:

ASK CHIN: Are you old?

Ask Chin

February 12th is President Lincoln’s birthday but it’s also the infamous CHIN’S- my Korean mom. Our series of “ASK CHIN: Simple answers to simple questions” continues. In this latest edition we Ask Chin: Are you old?

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