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Are you (PEEP) Kidding Me??

Angie & KristinaPeeps & Company

I’m stuck.

Cannot seem to figure out out of ALL the candy in the world how the sugar-covered marshmellows we all know as PEEPS landed their own shop. America’s first Peeps & Company opened at National Harbor Thursday. With more than 850 products to choose from.. in addition to the soft guys.. we’re talking t-shirts, key chains, blow-up peeps and even tablewear. Just Born Inc is behind the business and while I can think of a hundred different sweets that would make a sweeter store I admit I plan to pop in. The sugar heads are so darn cute. Plus.. the candy maker is based in Bethlehem PA- the beloved hometown of OMG ultimate peep Kristina Dorville. (right)

So while we’re on the soft topic I figured I’d share my favorite PEEP show.

Peeps Love Georgetown Cupcake 

I’m also prompted to start a list of candy I would LOVE to see a store made of:

  • Bit-O-Honey
  • Hot Tamales
  • Peanut Butter M&MS


PS: Above Pic = Heaven

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