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Breastfeeding Baby Doll to hit market

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A doll for your child that breastfeeds. It’s called the Breast Milk Baby and the company is bringing it to the US.  There’s a harness your daughter can wear with sensors in place of the nipple. When the doll is brought close to the flowers… it eats and you can hear the suckling noise. Some parents say too much too soon.. but breast feeding advocates argue it’s education. There is no doubt that breast feeding in public is still being sexualized.. just look at all the news stories we do (mom asked to leave mall for breastfeeding her daughter.)  Read more of the story here…

Check out the story we did below… what’s your take?


Forget breaking news.. we’re breaking naan! What a grand time was had by a gaggle of Channel 9ers at Bombay Tandoor.Afternoon traffic maven MonikaSamtani hosted the hungry news team to a fantastic brunch at her family’s restaurant in McLean.The authentic Indian food and fanfare had us all saying holy sweet samosas in the end.

Go ahead.. feast your eyes on what you missed…

Baby Comes Home!

Baby Adora comes home and WUSA is there to capture all the excitement. Watch Peggy Fox’s story

PICTURES & VIDEO: 3D Sonogram of Little Girl


Peggy Fox joined my famly and friends for my first ‘social sonogram’… something more expecting moms are starting to do. Linda Rihani who runs Baby to Be Images says it’s a growing trend. A visit that use to be just between partners has an open door policy at some place. At Baby To Be  there’s a plush couch for guests and gorgeous mural on the wall where the images of your baby are projected for all to ooooh and awwwww.  Pictures below.

MORE PHOTOS: Friends and Family attend my ‘Social Sonogram’

For $125 I got the session and a CD with 3D and 2D pictures of my baby and a DVD recording of the entire session. At 29 weeks my baby was still breach so it was tough to see past her hand. I plan to go back in a few weeks when she is turned so I can get a full view of her face and more!  For more information check out

Baby Shower: Newsies Celebrate Future 'Onesie'

I am so blessed to have incredible women in my life. In the news business many of my colleagues have become my role models. Strong, smart, beautiful and successful at striking the balance between job and family. My deepest thanks to ABC7’s Rebecca Cooper for opening her home to host a sweet shower for me. It was good for the soul to sit and dish with the girls somewhere outside of the crazy never-ending news wheel.

Peggy Fox, Andrea Roane, Angie Goff, Nancy Cordes, Leslie Sanchez, Elizabeth Manresa & host Rebecca Cooper

Sweet spread

Adorable gifts like this dress! Thank you Nancy!

Rebecca’s baby boy enjoyed the shower too


VIDEO: Pregnant Sorority Sisters Go Shopping

Here’s to sisters turned moms to be!

Big thanks to expert stylist Lana Orloff (who’s expecting!) for helping me and my two bump-bearing sorority sisters Eve and Mary find the right maternity clothes! Check out our story done at Tyson’s Galleria’s Pea in the Pod by Peggy Fox on WUSA9 TV. Read more on the story here…

CHIN makes her 9NEWS TV Debut

I have had several requests to bring back the famous ‘ASK CHIN’ videos on the blog. I admit I’ve been slacking between this baby thing, moving and trying to still write everyday and report.

Well, it looks like momma is going big time. Chin had her first news story air on WUSA in the 5pm news– I don’t even get face time in that show LOL!  Read the full story

WATCH VIDEO: Angie goes home on hunt to satisfy her cravings

Pregnant, Push-Ups and Controlling Weight

Pregnant women doing push ups..

Check it out.. it’s going down in Northern Virginia! Peggy Fox follows me as I head out to Mommy BootcampFull story on wusa9…

VIDEO: Keeping the BIG secret

From bladder matters to buying new bras Peggy Fox is following Oh My Baby on the air. Check out the latest stories on why I waited 4 months to spill the beans and all the challenges that came with trying to hide it.

WATCH VIDEO: Angie on keeping the big secret.. how long did/would you wait?

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Motivation 101: Exercise while expecting and TOO tired

Post work out with Peggy Fox  who shot a story to air on WUSA9 of me sweating it out at 22 weeks.

Mommy Bootcamp’s Kathy Corbey says 90% of pregnant women tell her they feel better after going through with a work out …despite a case of  ‘the quease’:

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