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Hacks 4 School: Get Personal!

Some simple things that help get the kids out the door and excited for school!

Me Lucky Charms!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day all!!

The Fall!

The hug after!

Adora visits WUSA TV

The future newsie in her onesie made the rounds at WUSA this morning! It’s the first time my colleagues have Adora in person. She is so spoiled. She’s already won the hearts of her TV dads Mike and Howie B. Check out the cool gifts they got her!¬† Also notice, Adora made Mikes’s daily newsroom webcast… despite her expression she was really happy to be there.

Click on this Facebook Post to see the video of Adora’s visit:

Mike got Adora a personalized piggy bank from My Bambino. And who knew Howard was so in touch with girly style? Thank you for this adorable outfit and burp cloth homemade by Embee Designz!

Christmas Traditions…

In my family we ALWAYS open one gift on Christmas Eve. This year was no different except– Adora got to open her first gift. It was from her brother Atticus. She got a plush white quilted blanket for her stroller rides and naps. Do you have any fun traditions?

Robert cracked up after I gave him a digital coin counter cup. You see this was more for me.. since I always complain about his loose change everywhere.

iPheel this present! Robert got me APP magnets. Genius!

Got this in the mail from old WUSA pal Sara Walsh (now at ESPN). It’ll help us remember this extra special Christmas.

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