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Spring Photos 2015

Well it’s no secret Winter has done it’s best to keep a firm grip on the season. The good news is.. Spring is here. It is one of our family’s favorite seasons. There is so much good that happens this time of year and we are reminded that new beginnings are always possible. #rejoice

(Spring Photos by Gayle Tiller)


Freezing in April.. can you tell!

Merry Christmas 2013 Family Photos

Merry Christmas from our family to yours! (Photos by Gayle Tiller )

IMG_7771printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright


IMG_7713printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright



IMG_7828printable to 8x12, Gayle Tiller Photography copyright

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Gold Cup with Becky’s Fund

So excited to see this event coming up once again this year.  On May 4th.. get ready for an outdoor event with beautiful dresses, outfits and people. Watch horse and dog races, meet gorgeous people in our area and all for a great cause.

MORE: Get Tickets

If you missed the last 3 Gold Cup events with Becky’s Fund, you not only missed out on a lot of SPRING fun and networking, but you missed an opportunity to contribute to the great efforts and contributions by Becky’s Fund to ending Domestic and Dating violence in our city. Support Becky’s Fund by attending this event and share this event on your blogs and social networks. See photos here and get tickets and LIVE conversations about this event.

Easter 2013: Bunny Patch Photos

I think this is going to become a family tradition! Lucia Alami of Heartsight Photography does these fun real live bunny and chick photos every year. She got the idea after her kiddos were too scared to visit the Easter Bunny. I mean really.. would you trust this guy??

Adora was great.. but was a little timid when it came to holding the animals. She was fine as long as they were sitting by her. It was so cute to watch her interact and try to feed them twigs!






Here are some of the Behind the Scenes action!!






Bad bride

I got married more than 4 years ago. I still haven’t gotten my wedding albums. I have felt tremendous guilt because my husband keeps asking me… when are they coming. I recently contacted my wedding photographer about getting them done.. after all they are paid for. I figure it will take some time considering there were nearly 3,000 photos taken that day. SO I went ahead and just slapped one together online. How times have changed. When I got married in 2008… the photo book was just kicking off. Next thing you know we’ll have brides popping out of cakes in 3-D.Well, let’s hope not. That could be borderline tacky.

Hopefully this below will suffice til the real deal arrives. Pretty cool that you can make books now and share them on social platforms.

Easter pictures

Based off my experience taking Adora to see Santa I decided the Easter Bunny at the mall would probably not be a good idea just yet. What I do know is that my daughter loves hugging anything soft… stuffed animals, pillows and our yellow lab Atticus. When I heard about Heartsight Photography’s live bunny photos I signed up. I still wasn’t sure how Adora would do but she was what you would call picture perfect. We met photographer Lucia and her assistant at a park in Ashburn and within 10 minutes we had a baby, a bunny and a lot of happy giggles. I can’t wait to see the pictures. The only thing not planned was a wardrobe malfunction 1 hour before the shoot. While building a pillow fort Adora’s dress got caught on a trunk in my living room. It tore a huge whole down the left side of her Easter dress. Thank goodness for photoshop!

Don’t gawk, Swap!

Everyone has that one friend whose wardrobe is to die for! If you’re like me, you and your best friend may borrow each others favorite shoes or perfect accessories from time to time. Why borrow when you can own. Thanks to “The Swapaholics” Amy Chase & Melissa Massello, you can forget borrowing because there is a new way to get exactly what you want from friends for FREE.

USA TODAY: Swapping Not Shopping
PHOTOS: Swap party recaps

Amy and Melissa, the self proclaimed “The Swapaholics,” have a drawer full of tips for hosting your own clothing swap party. The gals explain this is a budget-friendly way to keep that wardrobe updated without breaking the bank.
The dress-up duo will be in DC Thursday, July 14th, from 6-9pm hosting one of their swaps. Participants bring a bag of gently loved fashions, which Amy & Melissa curate into a “swap boutique,” and at 8pm sharp, the swapping begins.

Perhaps the best part? Everything leftover from the night will be donated to Goodwill of Greater Washington to be sold in their shops to raise money for their job training and empowerment programs. is this year’s event sponsor.

Written by Mikea Turner, Special to OMG

Washington Journalism & Media Conference 2011

Some of the best stuff I get to do is return to my alma mater the great George Mason University to work with students interested in media. I recently sat on a panel with fellow Patriots who have gone on to have successful careers in journalism- all kinds. As part of the Washington Journalism & Media Conference that draws hundreds of high schoolers from across the Country, we got the chance to share stories about breaking into the business.

MORE:  2011 WJMC Photo Stream

Dishing out the dirt on what it took to get where they’re at were film critic Kevin ‘BDK’ McCarthy from 106.7 The Fan, BJ Koubaroulis the CEO of Synthesis Multimedia Production and Lynn Norusis, managing editor of Northern Virginia Magazine. Best of luck to all the great students we met… there’s many with a bright future ahead of them!

Access Washington: Faces & Places of 2010

Thanks to Janet Donovan for this amazing compilation of candids that sum up a year of celebrity, politicos and media heads making buzz in Washington this past year!


Jewell Green Gives NoVA Fashion Week Sparkle

Jewell Green, wife of football Hall of Famer Darrell Green rolled out the glamour at the opening show for Northern Virginia Fashion Week 2010 presented by POSH Couture. Bryn Keith (left) provided the men’s wear from his collection.

The crowd was dressed to impress (Philbert Photography)

Shimmer and shine were a big theme

Alex and Rania were out to support local designers

Wearing purple silk jumper designed by Aidah

Stylist Victoria Stiles applies finishing touches to a model.

Male models wearing Bryn Keith’s designs

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