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Marki Costello hosts TV 'BOOTCAMP' in DC

‘Queen of Hosting’ Marki Costello brought her intense TV training ‘BOOTCAMP to downtown DC.  DC Housewives’ Mary Amons attended.

Angie’s WUSA9 Report reveals Marki’s big tip to making it as  a TV personality:

Oliver Stone picks DC to debut new doc, afterparty

Known for his controversial films, Academy Award Winner Oliver Stone chose DC to debut his new documentary.

Stone premiered  ‘South of the Border’ a film that explores the social revolution in South America. The doc features many interviews between Stone and Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Following the screening, Stone attended an afterparty at Teatro Goldoni.

The party was hosted by Washington Life. We snapped the famous filmmaker with screenwriter Mark Weitrot. 

Spotted in crowd were newly weds Kristin and John Cecchi with Bisnow’s  Courtney Caldwell

Watch my report on Stone’s short DC stay below from WUSA9 TV (pardon the wrong camera cue :)

There she is… Miss DC 2010

There she is… Miss District of Columbia 2010.

Congratulations to Stephanie Williams who will represent DC at the Miss America Pageant. The George Washington University medical student beat out 16 other women for the crown. Williams will promote her preventive care platform. Good luck to former Miss DC and top ten finalist at Miss America, Jen Corey! Watch video of the pageant during my WUSA9 TV Report below.

Mario Cox from Lexis Nexus and Jonathan Cox former NFL player with Dr. Alex Naini

Pageant Director Teri Galvez with Chelsey Sophia Rodgers – former Miss DC and current Miss DC International

Colbie Caillat & Why I'm the Worst Sister Ever

Big hug to my boy Tommy McFly from MIX 107.3 for hooking me and little Goff up with a very private concert with the mesmerizing Coblie Caillat.

Colbie  was so cute admitting that she’s still trying to overcome her fear of performing and speaking in front of  people. Say what?

Colbie sang fan favorites like Bubbly and Lucky to an intimate group of about 70 people comfortably packed in the Gibson Guitar Showroom downtown on G Street.  It was the perfect way to spend the afternoon although I officially deserve the ‘Worst Sister in the World’ Award.

Watch: MIX 107.3 Livestream of Colbie’s Show

While everyone was crazy over getting a pic with the singer… my little sis was ga-ga over getting a shot with Coblie’s hot song writing guitarist- Justin.

We nabbed him on his way out. He happily stopped to pose with my speechless, nervous  sister. Snap! I got it.

So I thought.

After he walked away… off to the next city perhaps we immediately turned to the digi cam for our ‘picture preview’.

It was then when the unthinkable was apparent. During my sisters ‘moment’ my memory card must have run out.

I am the worst sister ever.

OMG Extras… below check out my WUSA TV report with video of Colbie’s opening song ‘Realize’ and Q & A with Tommy McFly who asked the singer what the tattoos on her arm meant.

Final Rose Ceremony: DC's Bachelor Castaway to CA

It was a sad night for the ladies of DC at 19th on I and 19th street! Former TV ‘Bachelor’ Andy Baldwin bids farewell to Washington as he takes on his new assignment at a hospital in San Diego.

We’ll miss our favorite Navy Doc and the wonderful things he did for our military men and women, war widows and our veterans through his Got Your Back Network. Thanks for being a great friend Baldwin… we’re gonna miss you! 

Pamela Sorensen and Pals

Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin with Susan Roberts, David Vennett and Lorie Peters Lauthier.

Angie enjoying the side of mayo

Donna Lee, Alexandra Simms and Sunanda Patel

'DC Cupcakes' Premier, Creator Talks Pitchin' Your Biz

 From representing Georgetown Cupcake to landing it it’s own show…  4-time Emmy Award winning producer Terence Noonan wows Washington with insider secrets to getting your biz media buzz.

WATCH: Terence Noonan Speaks to NACE

For 2 hours he captivated a sold-out crowd from the National Association of Catering Executives giving them the skinny to selling their brand and getting media exposure.

In addition to working on special projects Terence is currently the  Supervising Producer of The Dr. Oz Show. Below, we asked my boy ‘T’ to share some of his top tips with OMG. You’ll want to print this out.

In other news, look for the launch of his new show ‘DC Cupcakes’  will air Friday July 16th!

Terence’s Top 3 Tips to Getting Your Biz on TV:

Tip #1: In three sentences or less, write out who you are and what you have to offer that is unique from what is already out there.

Tip #2:  Spend one week watching local and national TV– like from WUSA9 to The Today Show to Ellen. Educate yourself . Make a youtube video of yourself showing your expertise in action- let the power of the internet work for you. Insider Secret: Dr. Oz staff scours the internet when looking for potential guests for The Dr. Oz Show. 

Tip #3: Write up 3 pitches. Make sure they have a hook and think visual.  It’s all about the tease.. so fill in the blank when thinking of your pitch: “When we come back ___________” 

BONUS:  Come up with 3 stories form your life that you can use for interviews. Being a ‘relatable’ guest will make you more appealing to producers and the people booking the shows.

Follow Terence on Twitter @TVTerence

What's Shakin'? My Weight.

Note to self: pay more attention to the infomercial next time. Apparently the Shake Weight is not motorized as I had originally thought.

It glows!

It goes

Spa World: Our visit to the Korean Bath House

One of the most amazing places in the area exists in Centreville Virginia. It’s called ‘Spa World’ and it’s not your average day at the spa. In fact, it’s a full blown Korean sauna known in my mom’s native land as a Jjimjilbang. I ventured there with my little sister Jenny, Colleen who is a high school pal I went to school with in Seoul and Spa World junkie Dannia Hakki. It was a stroll down memory lane (on heated floors) taking me back to my childhood in Korea.  Here’s the deal it’s basically a spa filled with a variety of saunas or poultice rooms: Amethyst Gem Room, Red Clay Room, Ice Room, Oak Wood Charcoal Room,  Red Clay Ball Room (my favorite, you lay in little balls), Blue Onyx Room and the  Salt Room (made of complete salt..ceiling and all).

There are classic spa services too. Manis, Pedis, massages.. but be warned they are the pressure point kind. Jenny and I got foot massages and let me just say I never knew my feet had so many nerves. Intense.

The public bath area (separated by gender) is where I have yet to venture into. Equipped with 5 different types of pools with high powered jets the bottomline you get in with bottom and all. I still can’t bring myself to jump in the bath in the buff.  No thanks. I’d rather be eating at the spa’s restaurant. Afterall, the prison inspired suits they gives us come with an elastic waist. It would be such a waste not to get the most out of it.  See pictures below along with this instructional video provided by yours truly.

How to make the classic Jjimjilbang Lamb Towel

Jenny, Colleen and Dannia enjoy the red clay ball room

The clay up close- it’s like the  Chuck E. Cheese ball pen for adults

 The golden key- ok it’s orange but it’s your ticket to everything.  At the end of your stay (which could be overnight since it’s open 24 hours) they scan your key for your total. Food, services everything is charged to the key. General day pass is $35.

 From the Korean restaurant there- a classic MILKIS!

Video: DC Week, Cub Scouts Aviation, WHS Pawtini Hour

DC Capital Week: Kicking off this week’s Metromix report. DC Capital Week is here.. More than 5,000 Local technologists, entrepreneurs and social media enthusiasts are coming together from now til June 20th for Digital Capital Week. The 10-day festival focuses on technology, innovation and all things digital in our nation’s capital. Festival organizer Peter Corbett of iStrategy Labs. For a complete schedule of events for DC Capital Week visit us online at

Metromix: DC Digital Capital Week Highlights

Watch Angie’s Morning Report on WUSA9 TV below: 

Reporting for Angie’s Army this monday… 
Aviation Jubilee: Did you know Angie’s Army has it’s very own pilot reporter? Rob Edmonds is back and this time he’s going scouting in the skies. Rob tells us the Flying Circus Aerodrome and the Prince William County R/C Fliers got together to provide an afternoon of entertainment and education for hundreds of area Cub Scouts. It was to celebrate their annual Aviation Jubilee. The scouts were enthralled as vintage biplane acts and modern radio control demos filled the Fauquier Skies. They even got the chance to spend some time up close with the pilots and equipment.
Pawtini Happy Hour: Oh the doggy days of summer. Alex Naini, along with Miss DC international Chelsey Sophia Rodgers, Cara and Nicole attended the first Fashion for Paws Pawtini happy hour at the W Hotel’s Patio. 20-percent of the bar benefited the region’s animals in need.

Watch Angie’s Morning Report on WUSA9TV below:

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