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The Golden Egg

One of our family’s favorite holidays is Easter.  We got the kids together for some old fashion Easter photos. We’ll see how they do when they meet Mr. Easter Bunny!  Adora is 3… and no longer scared of Santa so this gives me hope.
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On picture day…she was a little obsessed with the golden egg.






Moved to tears

Lina with sister Katie who yawns

Every now and then you come across a story that takes your breath away. One that is so heavy on your heart that it moves you to tears. You can’t stop reading or watching it.  Sometimes they are stories of hate, the unthinkable, insurmountable strength and many times love. This is a love story like no other. Many don’t know I have an older sister who lives in Texas. I was deeply touched after she shared the story of Katie- who was born this month… with expectations she would soon die.  My sister writes…

During the months leading up to birth, most parents excitedly plan their newborn’s first photo shoot, what matching outfit will be worn home, or maybe what nursery decor will welcome their healthy baby.

Dawn and Michael made funeral arrangements. They selected a casket. They put the coroner’s number on speed dial. They ensured a priest was on stand-by so their daughter could be baptized. They explained to their five year old, that her baby sister will be born, but that she will go to Jesus quickly. They picked out a welcoming outfit. And then they picked one to bury her in.

SEE MORE: Katie’s story and pictures
Join Katie’s Fighters on Facebook

Katie is an anencephalic baby— nearly 1 in 4,859 babies are born this way. It’s a serious neural tube defect leaving the baby without parts of her brain or skull. Katie has a fleshy notch on her head, a cleft palate, eyelids that failed to separate leaving the 4 pound angel with a bump protruding from where her left eye should be. Despite all this the pictures will show that Katie yawns, grips and even smiles. She is a true warrior. I never knew that this condition existed and have been inspired to learn more about Anencephaly.  Katie has already held on for  2 weeks… and I hope you can join me in sending your prayers to her strong family Michael, Dawn and Lina.  With that I’ll leave you with some words from my sister.. you can read more from her here

When Katie’s hardest battle is over, her warrior spirit and small body will be comforted and warmed for eternity in a blanket her mother made for her, that is now filled with the full energy of unexpected memories, undeterred faith, intense gratitude, the ripples of her movement, and transcendant love.

Staycation: Our visit to West Virginia

In our suite we arrived to fresh baked desserts, free bottled water and coffee.

As you may have seen from my previous post, Little Goff and I went on a little staycation in West Virginia. I highly recommend doing so to anyone who’s just itching to get out of town but really doesn’t have the time to take a week or even a weekend off for travel. It took us about an hour to get to the Hillbrook Inn Bed & Breakfast nestled in the rolling hills of Charles Town. Upon arrival at the European style country home estate we were hooked. Within seconds you realize this is a quiet place that is loud with history.. some of the English Tudor inn was constructed starting in the 1700’s. In fact George Washington use to own this land.

EXTRA: Travel for Busy Moms & Their Brood

What we found so refreshing is that among the antiques, aging books, dark wood and even an old water closet was a touch of today. We were impressed to find out that all the 6 unique rooms (we stayed in The Bamford) and 4 cottage suites had an iPad 2 in them. The Wi-Fi connection was very strong too— hence my real-time (and real funny) post on the wedding we witnessed from our patio. As for the food? The filet mignon was so tender– they only give you a butter knife to cut it. The dessert was creative. Ever had chocolate pate’? With the overnight stay you get free breakfast on the porch. I commented during breakfast that I could taste the difference in the tomatoes. They were definitely garden fresh– come to learn their produce comes from a local farm. The whole experience was more than up to our taste- it was great enough that we actually bought a gift certificate for our parents who so deserve a nice getaway!

Yo Momma: Pic w/Easter Bunny 50% off

This is why I love twitter. I tweeted this morning that I wanted to find a good #bunny for Adora to take a picture with to celebrate her first Easter. I got a ton of responses including this one from Elissa aka @yankee-girl

check #groupon for the #easterbunny pix special today at Tysons RT @OhMyGOFF: Looking for a good #bunny bab… (cont)

So I checked it out and got the package 50% off! There’s only two days left for this Groupon here’s the link mommas.

It was $18 and you get: Limit 1 per person, may buy 2 additional as gifts. Limit 1 per visit. Print package includes one 5″x7″ portrait, two 4″x6″ portraits, two 3.5″x5″ portraits, eight wallet-size prints, and three digitally downloaded images. $20 coupon to & $10 gift card to included upon redemption. Not valid for resale.

Secretly 'UNTAMED'

We took a walk on the wild side thanks to the Jete Society’s annual Dance Party.

The theme this year was ‘UNTAMED’ and it was an event that lived up to it’s name. From the saucy dancers to carnival food that included fried snickers… this party was downright HOT!

The event that benefits the Washington Ballet is co-chaired by Winston Lord and the beautiful Ashley Taylor (pictured right)

Thanks Leigh Macdonald for the pictures and video!

Check out more pictures from the night!

Baby talk with Morning Team

It was great to get back to work this morning although I have to admit I could get real use to that maternity leave real quick 😉 The team reacts to pictures of our little ‘birdie.’

OSCARS: Best & Worst Dressed

Oh goody goody! The morning after the Oscars it’s time to play fashion police! Who do you think was the Best and Worst Dressed at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards.  There was lots of glitter and feathers. Here are my picks for best and worst.

My #1 Pick: Gwyneth Paltrow in Calvin Klein

I also loved these Jennifer Hudson in tangerine red and Cate Blanchett in a lavender piece of art!

Adored Halle Berry and Jennifer Lawrence who outdid Bay Watch in hotness on the red carpet.

Also getting glam points Michelle Williams.

My “WORST” pick goes to Supporting Actress Oscar winner Melissa Leo. It’s hard to see but under all that lace is gold. It almost looks like origami paper I use to use to make cranes when I was little.

Also boring… Marisa Tomei and Reese Witherspoon who looks like she was wearing a bridesmaid gown. I did dig her hair though. Also, not too impressive, Nicole Kidman… I have no idea what’s going on with this white thing.

oh… and Florence Welch . Who could forget this? Can we please.

DC Cupcakes Return w/ FREE Cupcakes!

Now serving: A sweet dozen new episodes of DC Cupcakes starring our favorite local sisters, Sophie LaMontagne & Katherine Kallinis! OMG got a sneak peak at the newseason and man is there some delicious drama in store for fans!

Before I go any further how about getting a FREE Georgetown Cupcake. The girls will be giving away one free cupcake per person ALL day long on February 25th to celebrate the premiere – at both Georgetown and Bethesda!

As for what to expect this season: We’re talking 10,000 cupcakes to be shipped to Afghanistan, catering a cupcake birthday party for two gorillas and making a couture wedding dress out of cupcakes for DC Fashion Week.

Check out their fan site on TLC. Also an exclusive selection of TLC-branded DC Cupcakes are available now at the online TLC store.

The season premiere is February 25 at 10PM on TLC. Check out the show’s biggest fans below.

MORE STUFF: DC Cupcakes premiere party & pictures

Adora loves GC and she can’t even eat them yet!

My mom Chin is a huge fan. It’s the only American show other than Wheel of Fortune she’ll tune into to.

Access Washington: Faces & Places of 2010

Thanks to Janet Donovan for this amazing compilation of candids that sum up a year of celebrity, politicos and media heads making buzz in Washington this past year!


Our Maternity Shoot

In a few weeks… our lives change forever.

At 8 months preggers I decided I better capture this belly before it goes. Every mom tells me as much of a pain it can be, once it’s gone ‘you’re gonna miss it.’ 

So I agreed to a shoot with one of the most trusted photographers in Washington.. Moshe Zusman. It can be stressful taking pictures when despite what others tell you… you just don’t feel your best. Moshe made it very comfortable for me and my husband who is to say the least, camera shy. I love how real they are. A true reflection of our love, excitement and anticipation during what has turned out to be the biggest waiting game of our lives. See more pictures from the shoot on Moshe’s blog



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