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Pinterest Changes

If you’re one of the 48 million that gets their pin on… hope you’re ready for some changes. Pinterest rolls out a new redesign of it’s online bulletin board. Invitations to try it out are being sent soon. Don’t worry.. the change isn’t drastic. The changes really are made so that it’s easier for you to find more pins.. well .. to pin. You’ll notice:

  • Photos appearing in your feed are bigger
  • You’ll see more pins in smaller space on profile pages
  • You get more from looking at a pinned image. You’ll also see pins from the same board off to the right

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The changes will be noticeable from you home computer. The mobile app will be updated later. Craig Kanalley at Huff Post notes that the performance of the site improves greatly. He writes “You can navigate the site lightning fast, and infinite scroll means you can easily spend a lot of time there.”

If you’re a pinhead like me.. that’s not good news!

Politics on Pinterest

You knew it was gonna happen… soon that site known for all things beautiful.. gets political! What better way to try to send a message than to package it all up in a pretty picture or quote. I take a look at how both sides are pinning away to get their message out. Do you think politics belong on Pinterest?

View more videos at:

Conservative think tank The Heritage Foundation has more than 900 pins


When I got married I found doing a storyboard for my reception really helped me organize my ideas for decor, food, centerpieces etc. It’s a great way to get creative and to stay inspired. Talking with my neighbor Nikki she  mentioned her addiction to this website Pintrest. What I said P-I-N like Pin and Interest. I was intrigued. The whole idea is that you organize and share all the pretty things you find on the web. You make pinboards to help plan an event, wedding, decorate your house, organize recipes or create your closet. I already made boards titled: Fashion, Mommy, DIY, OMG and Tech/Media Request an invite to join Pintrest.  

So what to do with your old fashion pin board? I wrote a while back about what I think they’re good for.

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