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I’m having Splashbacks

America’s favorite mermaid gets arrested at the White House. Daryl Hannah was protesting an oil pipeline expansion. As I watched her be cuffed and whisked away a couple random thoughts came to mind.

  • My childhood visit Aquarena Springs in San Marcos TX- where you could see pigs dive and an underwater mermaid show
  • “Madison” use to be an uncommon name
  • This time she wasn’t arrested for indecent exposure but can’t help but think she looks awesome at 50

National Marathon… LIVE from Howard University

We were freezing our tails off but cheering our hearts out at Mile 8 along the course of the National Marathon.

DJ Premonition was dropping hot tracks as students from Howard University got the runners pumped to keep on going. See more coverage from the day’s event at wusa9

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