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Big Find: VA Pop-Up Boutique

It’s like Etsy in real time. That’s the best way to describe Hillary Tattersall’s Virginia home and it’s basement.  The founder of Chicks Picks has commissioned local women to make fashion and home accessories for the last 6 years and I got the regal treatment when doing a story on her Royal Wedding line. As a lover of everything vintage it was such overload. (Note to self: don’t bring credit card on shopping assignment!)

Check out the pictures below. I ended up getting a handmade Victiorianesque mirror and bows for Adora , earrings for me and the coolest sunglasses case I’ve ever seen. My prize find– this Chanel ring made by a local woman with old buttons! Oh did I mention… this won’t break the bank.

I told Hillary in our interview this is like a secret society of shoppers— given that the hundreds of ladies that attend her seasonal weekend events are invited by girls in the know. The best part is that everything she sells and more is available on her site

Watch my story with Hillary below

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