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LEGO Friar and Pope Shake

If we’ve gotta endure the traffic troubles and security headaches this week we might as well have some fun with this! Plus, the Pope being DC is kind of a big deal! Here are more fun DC Pope food and drink specials!

Get your Papal Shake— word is it taste heavenly! Pot Belly on Monroe Street Market, across the street from The Catholic University of America is selling a special Pope Shake as they get ready for his visit on Sept. 23. Every shake sold means 50 cents will go towards supporting campus mission trips! They’ll sell it until Sept 27th!
pope shake

LEGO Friar has a checklist for all to properly welcome Pope Francis to DC. Everything is AWESOME about this!

Does your dad have a clone

Or any of your parents at that? Here’s a funny story from my older sister about my 5 year old niece:

Caelyn was excited this morning when she saw her papa in a magazine. she showed it to grandma and grandpa and yelled, “that is my papa!!!!!!!!look!!!!!”.  Liam agreed it was definitely papa. oddly enough, the Spanish word for pope is papa.

The email sparked a string of responses… including me saying that dad is more Dick Cheney. He’s also been mistaken for former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev.  This just is too weird.

Will the real Ren Goff please stand up?


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