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Birthday Invitation Etiquette

And what do you think about this? It was in the birthday party invitation for a 3 year old my sister just got. Show of hands who think Emily Post is turning in her grave.

How do you like them cupcakes

Green bagels, cupcakes, the circus is in town.. what more could a girls ask for on her birthday. I admit it. It’s the best day to be born. For the rest of your life you know that no matter what there’s gonna be a party. Thank you so much for all of your bday wishes on my twitter and facebook page. I have such great friends and viewers. My traffic bud Kris even made me cupcakes and the newsroom gave me a big card. Birthday shout outs  for fellow green babies PR maven Jill Collins, Politico’s Tim Burger and OMG loyal reader and childhood bud Isabel Chacon Martinez!

Whether you’re trying to survive another year or the biggest drinking day on the calendar I hope it’s a good one.  My gift to you: Tips courtesy of the Geek Squad on saving your wet cell phone after it falls into a mug of green stuff! C’mon.. we’ve all been there.
1) Turn off phone and remove battery
2) Dry the phone (inside & out) with clean cloth
3) Check if you have beef jerky or uncooked rice
4) If Beef Jerky take the silica packet and put it in an airtight container with the phone and leave it overnight. If rice, pour the rice inside the airtight container and put your phone in the rice and leave overnight.
5) Replace battery and turn it on!

Santa came!

Merry Christmas everybody! Despite having to work on xmas eve and today I’d have to say this has been an awesome holiday.  Hope you get to spend it with the fam and good friends. Oh– don’t forget to tune in to WUSA Channel 9 for the news at 5 and 6 tonight. I’d love your company this Christmas.  xxAngie

OMG Christmas 2009 

Pick of the Day: Gift from George

Atticus Ornament

From one newspup to another. This personalized Christmas ornament is from George. George  the bulldog is not only generous he’s incredibly talented. Check out his mad skateboarding skills. Momma, WUSA gal pal sports anchor Sara Walsh is so proud.

As Seen On CHIN!

Okay Christmas is only a couple weeks away.. so we ASK CHIN what would make the best gift.

Chin Likes Ove-Glove

Come on give the woman a hand!

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