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POTUS Pulls April Fools Joke

If you go to the White House website you’ll see there’s a “special message” from the President front page! Then there’s a pint-sized “April Fool’s” to follow. Anyone else get you today?

2012: Purrfect candidate

I know as a journalist I’m not suppose to disclose who I’m  voting for but here goes.

Yep… I’m casting a ballot for the Kitty! Hello Kitty is officially running for President. She has quite the campaign already. Starting this month. HK’s Friendship Party street teams will be going door-to-door giving away free Hello Kitty campaign bumper stickers, buttons and yard signs.

Also look for the pop up campaign office. Starting November 1st Hello Kitty for President’s campaign HQ will pop-up for a week long residence at LivingSocial’s office on F Street.

Decision 2012: A Tiny Debate

Now here’s a big debate to talk about!

I think I look cute in both of them. What do you think?

Report: POTUS’ Seal, Podium Stolen

Say what? A truck carrying President Obama’s podium, Presidential seals, prompter… audio equipment and more are swiped before a Virginia appearance. Seriously.. how does this happen? Shouldn’t anything the President will be standing by or behind have some high level of security?

View more videos at:

Robert Redford premieres 'The Conspirator' in DC

Robert Redford is still a hunk! It was great to see him premiere his new film he directed ‘The Conspirator’ here at the historic Ford’s Theatre.  The film that centers around the men and one woman arrested for the conspiracy surrounding President Lincoln’s murder stars Robin Wright Penn as Mary Surratt. Following the star-studded screening the cast hit the official after party hosted by Capitol File at the Newseum.  Read more and watch coverage on WUSA9 here...

Redford with Niche Media’s Jason Binn, Capitol File’s Kate Bennett and Sarah Schaffer

Cast member Evan Rachel Wood looked stunning

My friend is giving away $50,000

to local charities! Is there a catch? Of course… but it’s more like a contest and we need YOUR help. My buddy Tommy McFly is vying for the position of VP tohottie Ashton Kutcher, the President of POP Culture.

The media personality who gets the most votes wins not only the coveted seat but $50,000 from America’s most POPular snack PopChips! If he wins, Tommy’s not keeping the cash. He’s pledged to donate it to a variety of local charities in the Washington area. Questions or how you can help email or contact Chris Brown 202.536.2851
Check out how Tommy’s givin’ it up below..


AMP Wrap: Creating your own reality show & Harpo Pres on 'Next' Oprah

It was the meeting of the mega media minds!

VIDEO: Click for coverage of AMP Summit on WUSA9

I had the chance to interview the utmost charming Erik Logan, President of Harpo Studios. Logan was part of a power panel talking about the impact of digital media a the AMP Summit (Activism+Media+Politics). I fielded questions from my facebook friends for the TV Exec and he answered!

PHOTOS: Gallery from AMP Summit 2010

Will there ever be another Oprah & will the Obamas appear on one of her last shows? Also below check out the one on one with reality TV producer king Bill Pruitt. He talks about using digital media to advance your own activism, cause by creating your ‘own’ show.  Read more of the story at

Interview with Bill Pruitt

Oh Snap! State of Style on the Hill

The  State of Style Awards on Capitol Hill, honoring fashion legend Fern Mallis.

WATCH: Angie’s WUSA- TV Report on ‘State of Style Awards’

Fern Mallis received the Elements of Fashion Legacy Award during the Greater Washington Fashion Chamber of Commerce‘s first annual ‘State of Style Awards’ at the Hart Senate Building. Following the awards a panel including Mallis and local designers Tala Rassi, Tashia Senn and Evelyn Brooks discussed DC fashion issues on industry, politics and resources. The State of Style Awards recognize leaders and emerging professionals making a difference in the fashion industry here in Washington. Spotted: WaPo’s Robin Givhan, DC Councilmenber Michael Brown, philantrhopist Amanda Polk, designer/advocate Lara Miller. Pictures by: Vithaya Photography

GWFCC’s Ingrid Rios, Christine Brooks-Cropper with Angie Goff, Fern Mallis, Tashia Senn

Designer Tala Rassi was on the panel

Timur Tugberk, Alex Naini and Emily Nolan attend

Amanda Polk & Ingrid Rios award Evelyn Brooks

Oh Snap! Sorority Girls Go WILDFIRE

Like the rose in the summertime a simple email invite to brunch blossomed into a beautiful thing: An AOII reunion. It’s been (cough cough) years since I graduated from George Mason and said farewell to some of my best friends from some of the best years of my life.

How nice it was to see the baby pandas (now with real babies of their own-or on the way) again. What better way to re-light the loyal spark than at WILDFIRE.

The gathering at Tysons Galleria restaurant was perfect for us A-O-Piggies. On the Club Brunch menu… eggs benedict, baked maple french toast, applewood smoked bacon, potatoes and fresh fruit! Executive Chef and frequent 9NEWS guest Steven Lukis got ‘major snaps’ from the sisters. Shout out to my dad (a former IIOA- our sorority’s sweetheart) for playing photographer for all of us again!

Big Order: The New Class

Sweet treat: Thanks Vi for making personalized panda chocolates

Gavel Girls: Former Presidents Eve, Angie, Jennifer, Molley & Erin

New on the menu: Chef Lukis Scramble

Bridges? Sarah, Jo-Elsa, Jenny, Crystal & Avisha

The Party Bus: Erin, Jen, Megan, Teresa, Katy & Mary

More pix and slideshow

Vegetarian: Egg white omelet was specially made for one sister 

Wildfire’s Best!

Greatest Dad

First Lady's State of the Union Guest List

Michelle Obama

Who can you expect to see alongside Michelle Obama  tonight? OMG has the official guest list with names of those who will join the First Lady in her box at the State of the Union address.

  • Mrs. Michelle Obama
  • Dr. Jill Biden                                              
  • Clayton Armstrong (Washington, DC) Ballou HS graduate and former WH intern and DC Scholar.
  • Li Boynton (Bellaire, TX) 18 year old who has done groundbreaking work with testing the quality of drinking water.
  • Jeffrey Brown (Philadelphia, PA) CEO of Brown’s Super Stores, a growing ten store supermakert chain under the ShopRite banner 
  • Mayor Mick Cornett (Oklahoma City, OK) The national President of the organization representing Republican Mayors &  Local Officials.
  •  Tina Dixon (Allentown, PA) Tina is currently employed by Lehigh Valley Health Network as a Technical Partner Trainee, a job that she was able to secure through a employment retention program.
  • Gabriela Farfan (Madison, WI) In 2009, as a senior in high school she won a scholarship for her study of gemstones and their change of color and affects the gemstone industry. Gabriela is also a National Hispanic Scholar awardee.
  • Julia Frost (Jacksonville, NC) Julia is a former Marine bandsman trumpeter, a wife of an active duty Marine, and current student at Coastal Carolina Community College.  
  • Ping Fu (Chapel Hill, NC) Ping Fu co-founded Geomagic, a company which pioneers technologies that fundamentally change the way products are designed, engineered and manufactured around the world from automobiles to medical devices. 
  • Janell Holloway (Washington, DC) Janell was a DC Scholar with the White House Domestic Policy Council during the summer of 2009.  Currently at Harvard she’s  interested in the connection between child abuse and youth violence and has served as a volunteer at Safe Shores: DC Children’s Advocacy Center for more than three years. Holloway graduated from Benjamin Banneker Academic High School.
  • Ambassador Raymond Joseph In 1990 Raymond Joseph was called to be Haiti’s Chargé d’Affaires in Washington and his country’s representative at the Organization of American States.  After helping with the first democratic elections in December 1990, he returned to the Haiti Observateur where he remained until he was called back to Washington in March 2004, where he is currently the Ambassador.
  • Don Karner (Phoenix, AZ) Don Karner is the President, CEO, and Co-Founder of eTec (Electric Transportation Engineering Corporation).  As President of eTec, Don provides strategic direction, conducts research and leads the company’s development of new products and services.  
  • Janell Kellett (Sun Prairie, WI)  Janell has served as a lead volunteer within the Wisconsin Army National Guard for approximately six years, including during her husband’s fifteen  month deployment from 2005-2006 and recent twelve month deployment from 2009-2010.  Janell was honored for her service with a 2009 Wisconsin National Guard Volunteer of the Year award by the Wisconsin State Family Program. 
  • Rebecca Knerr (Chantilly, VA) Rebecca is representing her husband, Captain II Joseph Knerr, the Task Force Leader of Fairfax County’s Virginia Task Force 1 serving in Haiti.  Having worked as a Fairfax County Firefighter for 15 years, Joe currently serves as Station Commander at Fairfax Fire and Rescue Station 18.  A former Fairfax County Firefighter and Paramedic herself, Rebecca works as an Emergency Physician’s Assistant in a Northern Virginia Hospital and for Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department developing and delivering emergency medical services  education to uniformed personnel. 
  • Chris Lardner (Albuquerque, NM) Chris Lardner is a patient service manager at the New Mexico Heart Institute and her husband, Scott, owns a small family business.
  • Anita Maltbia (Kansas City, MO) Anita Maltbia is a native of Kansas City, Missouri, and has over 30 years experience in city government, and community activism. In August 2009, at the request of Congressman Emanuel Cleaver II, Anita assumed the director position of the Green Impact Zone.  This initiative works with the residents of a 150 square-block area in the urban core of Kansas City to raise the quality of life environmentally, economically and socially.  
  • Kimberly Munley (Killeen, TX) Kimberly was born and raised in North Carolina. In 1999, she completed Basic Law Enforcement Training and began her career in law enforcement.  
  • Cindy Parker-Martinez (Belle Isle, FL) Cindy is a mother of two young children, who shared her story of the problems her family faces with the current health care system at a Health Care Community Discussion held at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, one of thousands of discussions held nationwide in December 2008.  
  • Deborah Powell (Hugo, OK) Deborah Powell is a Native American Development Specialist for the Housing Authority of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma.  A member of the Choctaw Nation, she is currently helping to track budgets and ensure bids for independent elderly homes. 
  • Sergeant First Class Andrew Rubin (Savannah, GA) Sergeant First Class Andrew Rubin entered the Army in 1997 from Boston, Massachusetts and completed One Station Unit Training, Airborne Training and Ranger Assessment and Selection at Fort Benning, Georgia before becoming a Ranger assigned to the 75th Ranger Regiment.
  • Mark Todd (Killeen, TX) Mark Todd was born and raised in San Diego, California.  Todd enlisted in the United States Army as a Military Policeman in 1985.  He was selected to attend Military Working Dog Handlers Course and later assigned as a K-9 handler at Fort Devens, Massachusetts, Fort Polk, Louisiana, and Wurezburg, Germany.  Later he was assigned as a K-9 Trainer and Instructor at Lackland Air Force Base Texas.
  • Army Specialist (ret.) Scott Vycital (Ft. Collins, CO) On February 15, 2004, while on patrol of suspected mortar sites, his fire team was engaged by enemy fire and he sustained gunshot wounds on the right side of the face, neck, and shoulder.  As a result of his injuries, the right side of SPC Vycital’s face has been paralyzed and he lost the hearing in his right ear.  
  • Trevor Yager (Indianapolis, IN) Trevor Yager began his career in 1995 while in college by founding TrendyMinds, a full-service advertising/public relations firm. He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology from Anderson University and went on to work with various motor sports sponsors, team owners and sanctioning bodies.
  • Juan Yépez (Lawrence, MA) Juan Yépez, and his brother Luis, are Ecuadorian-natives, who in ten short years, have built a successful and growing commercial real estate company in addition to growing Mainstream Global, a worldwide distributor of computer products, consumer electronics, and electronic components, in mills once inhabited by earlier generations of immigrants.


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