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You’re only weekend morning news

We got our own promo for the weekend morning show. Very simple.. to the point. What do you think?

Defending the Housewives of DC (Video)

I’ve never seen one episode of any of Bravo’s Housewives shows… but I plan to tune in for the Housewives of DC. I’m amazed at how much backlash the gals/show is getting before it even airs. Come on people this is entertainment. You know what the Housewives franchise is all about.. so there’s no need to act surprised. In all reality it’s kinda neat we’ll get to see some familar faces and places on the small screen. For those who say these ladies are far from ‘Real’ … C’mon. Gimme a break. They’re real people who really live in the metro area (how many of you Virginians out there say ‘DC’ when outsiders ask you where you’re from?!?). I found out they also have human kids too. All of this hype and hate has me mumbling a phrase I’ve used often in the newsroom over the years: ‘It’s just TV’

Watch Housewives of DC Trailer Below. Show airs Aug 5th 9pm on Bravo

Be on TV: Live show tapings this Wed/Thurs

Hey guys! Have you heard of Metromix’s DC’s Hottest 5. Viewers chose are areas 5 hottest bands and now they’re playing LIVE shows in the area that we will shoot and air during our primetime TV special July 31st. I’m hosting the special.. and will be at the shows too. Join us this Wed and Thurs and if you see our camera crews… go wild!

Wednesday:  lowercaseletters performs at Public Bar at 6PM (1214 18th St., NW DC)

Thursday: The State Department performs at 19th bar (1900 I Street NW DC)

Watch our TV Commercial for DC’s Hottest 5 below:

'DC Cupcakes' TV Promo is Out!

Georgetown Cupcake girls make a mess and heat things up in their first TV promo.

The show debuts Friday July 16th on TLC!

Oh Snap! Burgers & Why I need Boys II Men

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday…especially when it involves bidding farewell to a great co-worker. I know I’m suppose to be happy for my friend Kevin Goryl after landing a great gig directing the promotions/creative services for a Cincinnati News station, but I HATE he’s leaving.  So from Chadwick’s, round of applause please for baking sensation Suzie Giampetroni for whippin’ up this creative cake- a boob tube to take us back as we officially send our Kevin off to Ohio!

Good Luck Kev!

[Pictured: Lauren Vance, Thomas James aka TJ, Kevin & Cake, Robert Rodriguez, Candace Stankus & Lee Maegolies, Suzie the Baker, Angie & Lauren, Matt King & Patrick O’Brien, Kevin and Brad Crum who is always ‘Keeping it real on WDCA, MY20! and Dan from WUSA Sales Dept]

Best TV News Promo EVER!

Every now and then someone will send me an extraordinary tweet (I do check them you know!). Thanks to the witty @windblwnwarrior we get perhaps one of the best broadcast news promotional pieces ever made. My favorite part comes at 00:37 in the clip— oh the power of pictures.

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