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Under the Rainbow

Our celebration of St. Patrick’s Day continues with some fun snacks and crafts. Create a rainbow anywhere with just tissue paper and streamers!  Then surprise the kids with cupcake sleeves filled with lucky charms. Let them have fun dyeing the milk green! This was my daughter’s favorite part. Update on the Leprechaun trap: no luck yet!

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Wonderland in Vienna

If you follow the news you know I work the night shift during the week. That means I only have a few hours to spend with my daughter before I head in. One of my mommy rules is “try to get out” as much as I can. I love it when I find places that are close, easy to get to, cheap and enjoyable.

I love fresh flowers and man was I impressed when I decided to check out Meadowlark Botanical Gardens in Vienna Virginia. It was so much more than just pretty paths and arrangements. In fact, we spent about an hour there and didn’t even cover most of the grounds. What captivated my imagination and that of my daughter’s was the cute little kids tea party garden. It was inspired by the tales of Alice in Wonderland… and a wonder it was. Seeing the rainbow itself was worth the $5 admission.

Bat Cave!

There’s a sand pit with tools!

Sneak Peak: Jennifer Aniston's "virus' video

You see it first on OMG. Jen Aniston’s attempt to make a viral video with the use of  puppies, dancing babies and a rainbow. 

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