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Union Station goes RED

The recent tornado in Missouri left Joplin devastated, but its residents and Washingtonians are banding together for Red4Joplin.

On June 13th at 6PM, DC locals and Joplin natives Kiki L’Italien and Kylee Coffman are partnering with Events for Good in hosting ‘Show Me’ Support for Joplin: A Red Tie Affair.

TICKETS: For Red4Joplin here

The night starts with a chef ‘show-down’ of Joplin’s favorite spaghetti and later includes music, raffle prizes and tornado surviver testimonials.

Who goes home?

All I can say is that Producer Lauren Corbut has got some style.

Color blind boys?

This is what happens when you send your brother-in-laws out to get RED food coloring.

DC couture designer featured in Metromix 'Localize the Look'

Check out Rachel DeMita’sLocalize the Look’ to find out where you can get Rihanna’s AMA look….local designer Liz Stajka of Amore by St. John Couture has a beautiful dress that will fit your holiday shopping budget!

BUMP or DUMP: Tighty Whitey

Today we go back to the basics, white on top, black on bottom and a pinch of red  to round it out below!

Bump or Dump: Rufflin' it up and yes I'm wearing SkyMall

When in doubt wear red… or in this case.. when you’re exhausted, having an allergy attack, your feet are swollen and you literally have to roll yourself off the bed.. wear red. Style secret: my white tank is actually a SKYMALL purchase LOL! It’s a fake tank called Chickies Cleavage Cover and is basically like a sports bra that snaps onto your bra… so it gives you coverage without the bulk of a shirt.

POLL: What color carseat?

We don’t find out the sex of ‘little omg’ for a few weeks but that won’t determine the color carseat. I definitely want a Maxi Cosi … at 8lbs it’s one of the lightest infant carseats out there! Thanks Linda at BabytoBeTV for the suggestion! I’ve narrowed it down to black, red and green. Decisions, decisions! Can you help!





Charlie Adler: 'I Drink On The Job' Author Cooks with Wine

My good pal Charlie Adler joined me in the WUSA9 kitchen today to show us a litte more about wine pairings and something called ‘bridging’. If you read his awesome and cleverly titled book ‘I Drink on the Job’ you’d know what I’m talking about. Watch how easy it is to cook with your favorite wine or perhaps one you despise! See the full story here.

Ho HO HOW Cute!

So it’s not new in MY closet but I couldn’t resist this Mrs. Claus inspired gown for the visiting niece, Caelyn! Isn’t she an angel.  (Target)

Caelyn's Christmas Dress

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