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Etsy bans Redskins name but you can still get…

In the Etsy blog the marketplace that has more than 22 million members banned the use of the Redskins name and logo for items to be sold. Team colors are still ok.I did  a search and still was able to find quite a few things for sale with the name. Etsy says they’re emailing users to tell them to take down the items.

The company wrote: “In no uncertain terms, Native American groups have consistently advocated and litigated that the term “redskin(s)” is disparaging and damaging to Native Americans. Therefore, it will no longer be permitted in our marketplace.”

A marketplace that sold more than a billion dollars in just the last year. Many of those purchases made the way I like to do it— through mobile.

As you can imagine this story is getting quite the reaction online. One of my twitter followers asks:
@OhMyGOFF Did they also ban “Indians”, “Chiefs”, “Blackhawks”, “Braves” & “The Chop”? (Not that you can ‘chop’ in a piece of cheap jewelry) — Edward Shipley (@ems74) September 10, 2014

Edward.. doesn’t it appear they have. No ban on “Indians” products or perhaps other things that may offend or raise a brow. Stuff from like the KKK. You can even get a 10 pack of Ted Bundy Stickers and a knitted childbirth doll you will thank me later for not posting.


On Instagram @jmshultzie points out… It’s a business decision either way.
That is true and Etsy has every right to make that call. Good or bad one? Only buyers and sellers can tell.

My kiddos in Gamecock gear I just got from Etsy.

US Patent & Trademark Says Redskins “Derogatory”

US Patent and Trademark rejected a recent application for a trademark for “Redskins Hog Rinds”. This is the same agency that will decide if Washington can keep it’s trademark.
In a letter the patent office says it rejected this recent request from a pork rind company after an examining attorney said the name contained “a derogatory slang term”.
Looking ahead.. even if Washington lost their trademark they could still use its team name.. but just wouldn’t have protection against others from using it for things like clothing and jerseys.. etc.
Got a news release last night from the Oneida Indian Nation. They responded to this recently ruling saying the it sends a powerful message to Dan Snyder and the NFL.

Redskins Halftime Show Offensive?

The loss to San Francisco isn’t the only thing fans are fired up about. It’s what happened during halftime that triggered a twitter war.

During the game, the team acknowledged the history of the Navajo Code Talkers as part of Native American Heritage month. They are the brave men who helped save thousands of American lives during WWII with their code and language skills.
Four of them were honored on the field. The stadium embraced them… after all they are heroes and deserve it. Although, it’s Native American Heritage Month.. the timing of the tribute came under fire online immediately. Most people accusing the Redskins of using the code talkers as props in the ongoing name change controversy.
Shortly after the game.. the Redskins posted this tribute video to the code talkers. It features pictures, President Obama and one of the Navajo Code Talkers saying “Hail to the Redskins.”
The backlash so far.. has been big. There have been supporters however who believe that this was a great way to honor our heroes.

Redskins Player Reaching Out after Losing Son

When it comes to the Redskins we often get so wrapped up in the game it’s hard to imagine the personal battles some of these athletes fight everyday at home.

Defensive end Stephen Bowen is one of them. In 2011 he lost a son. 2 years later he and his wife Tiffany have found coping is easier… when they can provide comfort for others.

I recently sat down with the couple at their Virginia home. Click below to watch their inspirational story.



Lil Jon loves the Redskins

Hip-hop artist Lil Jon, known for such number-one hits as “Yeah!” and “Get Low,” hosted and DJed a blowout house music party at The Huxley. Lil Jon, known for his work as a hip-hop artist, producer, and television personality, first got his start as a DJ in Atlanta during the 90s. The Huxley performance – which welcomed house, pop and hip-hop lovers – marked Lil Jon’s first in DC this year. The Atlanta DJ – rocking a Redskins tee – fired up the crowd and cheered “if you didn’t come to party, get out of the club.”
We’re just loving his gear! Cool that Fred Davis stopped by too.

Sports Themed License Plates in DC?

That’s right.. Redskins, Caps, Nationals and any other DC sports fan may have the chance to show their team spirit on their ride. We’re not talking bumper stickers. If the DC City Council approves it sports themed license plates could be popping up on the road. Check out my morning report… More at

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Darrell Green wants you to move

Hall of Famer Darrell Green joined me in studio to talk about his new mission– to get you moving! Of course we had to throw in a little Redskins talk too. Check out our interview and more on Walk Fit Health.


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With girlfriends Charne, Sharina Wilson, Talia Boone and Manjanique too

Darrell Green in the house Sunday

Hey all! One of my favorite people is in the house Sunday joining us for the 9AM show. Hall of Famer and Redskins great Darrell Green is stopping by to talk about his newest plan to get you people fit! As someone still struggling with that last 5 pounds of baby weight I am all ears. I signed up for Walk Fit Health, an online social network centered around health and wellness. I wear a pedometer and it tracks my steps (you should walk 10,000 a day!). I can log in from anywhere and set my goals, see results, track calories and even win stuff. The best part is that since its a network you friend other walkers and you can compete with them or offer them advice and support.

Tune in Sunday morning for our 9AM show on NBC4. If you have questions for Darrell let me know too! See ya in the morn.

LIVE Report: QB Call, Fans React

I was out on another story in Maryland when ESPN reported Shanahan chose John Beck to start this weekend against Carolina. Rex and John also talked about the change up.

MORE: Cooley Talks ‘Staches’

Soon the news started blowing up online and spread fast– and fans were fired up. Here’s my live report shortly after the word got out…

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Beck & Grossman talk about the change up

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VIDEO: Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar Party

It’s out!

We know who’ll be the QB come Sunday but you never know the creative way these ladies will heat up the sidelines! Get a preview– coverage from the Redskins Cheerleaders Calendar party. Video by L.I.A.M Productions. Check out more of NFL Cheerleaders Kick Off Edition!

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