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All in the picture

It’s rare that my entire family gets together. My sister lives in Texas which makes visits tough. This holiday we had one of those rare chances.. a few very cherished days. My younger sister mandated we get a “Family Photo”. With freezing temps and 5 hyper active grandchildren I was bracing for a high-stress gathering. It was cold and there was some chaos as you can tell– but in the end we were all laughing and so happy that we found the time to capture this time together. Photos by Kai.

Grandkids 2

Family 2

Family 3

Ren and Chin

Mom and the Girls

SistersSuch a joker!

Daddy the thinker

Ellis Family 1

Ellis Family


Caelyn Adora







DSC_0136Photo bomb!


Big day to be born!

So today is a historic day as Will and Kate welcome a little prince, heir to the throne! But there’s an even bigger birthday to celebrate in our family.  We call him Saint Ren (the man had three daughters and chin aka wife) but to the rest of the world he’s known as our dad. Happy birthday daddy. We are so lucky to have you in our lives. What better way to celebrate than lighting your fave– an apple fritter! We love you.


Great Fathers

Just a moment to give a shout out to some great men– my husband, dad, father in law and grandfather aka Great Papa! I love you and all that you do to keep our family grounded and strong. No love can compare. Happy Father’s Day.

Adora opens Papa’s cardIMG_4678

We gave my father framed pictures of sweet moments between him and the grandkids. IMG_4677Time with Nana too

We took a risk with getting dad salmon shorts.. and now we are taking them backIMG_4674

But he kept these!


Adora enjoying the great holiday weather after breakfast IMG_4670 IMG_4668

Bob Jr. with his namesake Bob IVIMG_4664

Adora wondering why she didn’t get a number after her name?IMG_4656A grandmother’s love!


Beba opening gifts  IMG_4655

3 generations together… now that’s a lot of BOBS!IMG_4648

and still SO many more pictures to upload. Happy Father’s Day everyone. xo


Visiting Lincoln’s Cottage

One of the originals. A signed copy of the Emancipation Proclamation

I love history. When I saw a Groupon to visit Lincoln’s Cottage at Soldier’s Home I snatched up two tickets for me and my dad. My father is retired military and  a Civil War junkie. Lincoln lived in the cottage next to where wounded soldiers were recovering for a quarter of his Presidency. Historians say the experience added to his sorrow during the war.. as it was a daily reminder of lives lost and a fight that seemed far from over. It was also a retreat though.. being a few miles from the White House downtown. Here.. he could get away from crowds lined up to meet or talk with him.

The tour lasted about 1 hour and unlike other museum or house visits (Monticello, Mount Vernon) there is really no furniture in the house. Instead.. the tour focuses on what happened in each room, guests who visited the President and above all the conversations had that reflect Lincoln’s character.

One of the civil war era cannons

A life size statue of Lincoln

My new nephew!

Welcome baby Knox Renwick! So perfect in every way.

Proud dad Chris.. what do I do with this?!?

Grandparents again!

Little Miracle.

Fish juice in the face!

And I have to admit as gross as it was.. I loved it! It was great getting a laugh out of the whole family as we pulled our cane pole over the bridge to see our winning catch.. only to have it hit me in the face.

We woke up early this past weekend for a little fishing trip at Lake Fairfax. The sun was bright and the fish were biting. Adora caught her first fish too with the help of Papa. These are the times I can’t wait to look back on. It also makes me think back to when I was small. I remember going fishing as a child and being totally grossed out by the worms. I still am.

Lake Fairfax is a cool place. At noon on weekends you can take the flat boat out to tour the lake or take the kids for a ride on the old fashion carousel. There is also a water park next door– but get there before they open the line gets out of control!

My nephew and mom feed the birds

Caelyn’s first catch!!

Admiring someone elses big catfish catch

Kimchi, seaweed and rice balls.. the perfect picnic food

Lake Fairfax

Samoa Cookie as a cake?

We celebrated my father’s 60th birthday with the things he’s grown to love the most: family and Korean food! He also is a big fan of cookies… and like most Americans will never turn down a good Girl Scout treat. My sister Tricia is an excellent cook and baker and is always up for trying new recipes. After she saw this Samoa cookie inspired cake.. she thought the big birthday was a perfect day to give it a try. In the end my dad approved and even had a nice hibiscus shirt to match the theme! Happy Birthday DAD!

with birthday papa and cousin Caelyn

I'm the best grandbaby

The big Samoa

The big samoa by Tricia

The best gift— um homemade deodorant by Tricia. ew



Does your dad have a clone

Or any of your parents at that? Here’s a funny story from my older sister about my 5 year old niece:

Caelyn was excited this morning when she saw her papa in a magazine. she showed it to grandma and grandpa and yelled, “that is my papa!!!!!!!!look!!!!!”.  Liam agreed it was definitely papa. oddly enough, the Spanish word for pope is papa.

The email sparked a string of responses… including me saying that dad is more Dick Cheney. He’s also been mistaken for former President of the Soviet Union Mikhail Gorbachev.  This just is too weird.

Will the real Ren Goff please stand up?


Dear Dads.. thank you

Happy Father’s Day to all you awesome dads out there. A special thank you to my father and my papa Earl Ray. To my husband, our daughter is so lucky to have you in her life.


To be a mother…

I’m still trying to figure that out on a daily basis. All I know is that I’m more happy in my life than ever before. I’m also more tired.. but with that find I have strength I never knew existed. I think all you moms out there can relate.. and just want to say hats off to you. It’s a tough job.. and many of you are doing it while balancing many other aspects of life. Pat yourself on the back— you deserve it. PS: Do it often, you don’t need a day to tell you how much your needed and how much you do. xo

Happy Mother’s day to my incredible and fierce momma CHIN!

Spent this day with my wonderful husband and baby, Adora Kate too.

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