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Cartridge Couture

Did you know the FIRST dress to be made via a 3-D printer was done 10 years ago. It was known as the Drape Dress. An industrial engineer from the Netherlands created the 3D printable fabric back in the 90’s. He teamed up with Dutch designer.. Janne Kyttanen and this dress was born. The year was 2000.

I came across this after looking up Kyttanen. I had seen her new 3-D printed platform shoes. I tweeted them out– one person replied they looked like high-end crocs. They kinda do.

Then while reading WIRED I came across another Dutch designer named Iris Van Herpen. Her creations with 3-D printers are extraordinary. She’s not just doing this because she can… but because she really wants to find a way to integrate the new material into stuff people will really wear. “Code you can wear” is what she  calls it. So I guess the question is… if this printable fabric does become more popular.. who’s gonna wear it? After all some big brands are toying with the idea not because it’s cool.. but because it allows them to customize better. Check out the New Balance shoes below.

Adorable infant shoes

While I was doing a story on mommy bootcamp I couldn’t help but notice some adorable baby shoes on the shelf. Come to find out a local mommy makes them. There are all sorts of designs and fabrics so I asked about them. Kelly Edwards is the creator of Poco Bella Designs. She’s from Leesburg too. I ordered Bob a couple pairs… one for the summer and another for the Fall. They just arrived and I cannot get over how precious they are!


Fashion’s Night Out

Mom was a host for the big FNO Georgetown DC event tonight. With a goal to pump more money into the economy and with the President speaking about all our money matters tonight- I figured I’d do my part. Say hello to my new knee high Kenneth Coles.

Giving away 100 pairs of shoes

And then some. Yep these are lawn bags brimful with my heel history.

Some of it hard to part with.

Some of it just plain horrible.

I recently was inspired by the big O and her Makeover Issue to get rid of all the clothes and shoes I’ve been hoarding in massive tubs and bags. In the issue organizing genius Peter Walsh got me thinking it is time to let go, keeping all this stuff  he says is just “unhealthy.”  He’s right.

I decided instead of giving my shoes and clothes away to friends, my little sister (sorry Jenny) or just throwing it down the chute it would be better to donate it. I will tell you after the drop off I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. The only problem… there’s more.



The Shoe Savior

My colleagues won’t debate it. 3/5 days a peer will comment on my skyscraper heels, stilettos or wedges. “You’re gonna hurt someone with those things.” “Amazon woman!” “Think you can get ’em any higher Ang?” The list goes on. Half the time I admit- yeah I’m in pain. I confess as I reach under my desk for my frumpy pink crocs. That’s what I usually finish work in.

Not anymore. Meet Cinderollies. What can I say about them. they are my new favorite. They are paper thin but durable ballet flats that roll up and are pretty much weightless. I keep them in my purse and when I need relief.. I roll them out. The bag they are cleverly rolled in also turns into a shoe sack to throw your real shoes in. It can’t get any easier than that. I have them in pewter and in black and honestly pray to them as my “shoe saviors.”

More on the foldable, rollable, emergency flats here.


Cute cuffs

It’s no secret I’m big on Target. Well while browsing the baby aisles in search for spoons… these little metallic booties caught my eyes! I think they look awesome with a good pair of leggings. Adora agreed. Say hello to our new summer sandal.

Toe blooms

If you have a baby with FAT feet (like mine)  or who doesn’t like to wear shoes (like mine) than I could have the answer for you! Toe Blooms… they are comfy little petals that fit right around the ankle and toes! They’re so pretty and actually entertain a baby that is still fascinated with their toes.

Tory Burch is open!

Tory Burch’s first DC store has it’s signature orange lacquer towering doors wide open at Tysons Galleria. We stopped by the soft opening for the boutique that boasts her signature snow leopard chairs and graphic print curtains.  The shop carries a wide variety of the designer’s collection including shoes and handbags in addition to clothes. In it’s opening days guests also enjoyed complimentary spirits and sugar cookies imprinted with Burch’s famous T logo. A grand opening is schedule for September. Check out the 9NEWS NOW Morning Show  page for more info.

Aba Kwawu, Rich Dinning and Stella of Tory Burch

WUSA9 Video from the opening


Happy shoppers

Too small to fit into anything Adora remains a fan

Birthday shoes!

She had them on she was looking hot! Happy Birthday to Leigh Macdonald our NiceShoesNoDrama Queen! It was great gathering with the girls at Cafe’ Milano to celebrate. Special thanks to Kimberly Suiters for organizing it all!

Sweet gift for all guests from the birthday girl!

Showin’ the Leesburg Love

A typically remote Leesburg was bustling with excitement for their 10th Annual Business Awards, recognizing the town’s top businesses. Guests included Dr. Sheila Johnson co-founder of BET and partner in the Wizards, the Capitals and the Mystics.

MORE: Full list of award recipients

The George C. Marshall Award, the town’s most coveted award went to the owner of Tuscarora Mill, South Street Under and Fireworks, Kevin Malone. On a personal note, I’m starting to get to know this historic town. My sister recently moved there so I’m spending a lot of time out on N. King Street. They have the cutest antique shops and now I’ve found a new great coffee spot called Shoes. It use to be an old shoe shop… you can feel the nostalgia the second you step in. Leigh Macdonald contributed to this report.


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