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Best Snow Shots: From building igloos to blizzard proposals

Thanks everyone for sending your photos and videos in!

Dining app helps make decision with discount

There’s a new restaurant app in the DC area gaining popularity among diners. It’s called Spotluck and with a spin it helps you decide where to eat and always gives you a discount.

LIVE Facebook Chat! Ask Away!

All week News4 Today is hosting LIVE Facebook chats so that you can get to know us a little more and we can get to know you!

I kick things off Monday.

Tom Kierein is up Tuesday, Aaron on Wednesday, Eun on Friday and Melissa wraps up the chats on Friday! Please join me Monday at 10AM ET here on NBC4’s Facebook Page!

Etsy bans Redskins name but you can still get…

In the Etsy blog the marketplace that has more than 22 million members banned the use of the Redskins name and logo for items to be sold. Team colors are still ok.I did  a search and still was able to find quite a few things for sale with the name. Etsy says they’re emailing users to tell them to take down the items.

The company wrote: “In no uncertain terms, Native American groups have consistently advocated and litigated that the term “redskin(s)” is disparaging and damaging to Native Americans. Therefore, it will no longer be permitted in our marketplace.”

A marketplace that sold more than a billion dollars in just the last year. Many of those purchases made the way I like to do it— through mobile.

As you can imagine this story is getting quite the reaction online. One of my twitter followers asks:
@OhMyGOFF Did they also ban “Indians”, “Chiefs”, “Blackhawks”, “Braves” & “The Chop”? (Not that you can ‘chop’ in a piece of cheap jewelry) — Edward Shipley (@ems74) September 10, 2014

Edward.. doesn’t it appear they have. No ban on “Indians” products or perhaps other things that may offend or raise a brow. Stuff from like the KKK. You can even get a 10 pack of Ted Bundy Stickers and a knitted childbirth doll you will thank me later for not posting.


On Instagram @jmshultzie points out… It’s a business decision either way.
That is true and Etsy has every right to make that call. Good or bad one? Only buyers and sellers can tell.

My kiddos in Gamecock gear I just got from Etsy.

Operation Convert (to twitter)

So I had a really great time visiting with resident of Riderwood in Silver Spring this week. I was invited to come and speak about how social media is changing and shaping news. I talked about how we use these new tools to help tell stories and add new dimensions. I also tried to drive home how it’s important it is for our viewers to get on board. Now more than ever you have a voice in what we cover and how we cover it. Journalism is no longer a one way street. A man named Bob asked me why we never report on all this growing petitions online that seem newsworthy. It was the perfect question because in the last week someone tweeted me a link to a white house petition.. I sent it to producers and we ended up using it on-air during our show. I also told them how cool their grandkids would think it was if they saw gramps on twitter 🙂 Overall it was a lovely experience and I’ve since learned their computer lab is going to host a twitter “how to” class to show residents how to tweet! I LOVE THIS STUFF!


Olympics are big buzz on Social

We now have a snapshot of how much the world is talking about these Winter Olympics.
Take a look at this data map from Facebook.
It shows the most popular sports for each country since the games started a week ago.
The USA is clearly all about Figure Skating.
That’s in line with what we’re seeing with our viewers who online are talking mostly about ice dancing.
This map of Europe shows the biathlon is by far the most buzzed about sport.
In this first week.. Facebook says more 24 million people have discussed the Olympics.There have been more than 48 million posts, likes and comments too.
The stats also show that 2 american snowboarders Shaun White and Jamie Anderson are among the 5 most popular athletes.
According to Twitter…more than 18.4 Million tweets since olympics started. And hashtag #sochi2014 has been tweeted almost 3 million times and is the most popular of any sochi hashtag.

Here is a map from Facebook:


MD Mall Shooting on Social Media

Since the first tweets went out of shots fired.. we have followed this story of the Columbia Mall Shooting on social media. This morning Howard County Executive Ken Ulman tweeted out a request.

We are also hearing from people who went to high school with the suspected shooter Darion Aguilar. Noah Sturdivant who says his locker was next to Aguilars defended his friend on twitter saying..

Aguilar graduated from Blake high school last year.
New this morning.. the school’s principal sent a letter to the community asking to keep the families affected by this incident in your thoughts and prayers. He adds for those upset.. there will be counselors to speak with at school today.

#FastSnow moving through

Within the first hour of the snow falling everyone I heard from on social media commented on how fast the stuff was accumulating outside their door. #Snowday instantly started trending on twitter… following #closures and #telework. I think the hashtag of the morning should be #FastSnow because that’s what everyone seems to be talking about. Remember to tweet us your photos @nbcwashington or email them to Thanks!

From @317pmq in Gaithersburg


From Justin Berk in Westminster MD


DC Couple Posts Ad on Facebook, Adopts

Brad Benton and Brad Letson got frustrated with the long wait of tradition adoption and turned to the web for help. They started a website and posted an ad on facebook. They couldn’t believe the response. They’re part of a growing number of hopeful couples using social media in their quest to adopt. Click below for their amazing story:

Fat Shaming or Thinspiration on Social Media?

This mom of 3 has caused a social media firestorm after posting a hot picture of herself with the kids along with the caption “What’s your excuse?”

Facebook critics are now accusing her of fat shaming women. The picture has gotten more than 16 million views and over 12,000 comments. People have been supporting her (I mean DANG she does look good!) but others have gone as far out to say she’s a bully.

MORE: Angie’s Baby Weight Battle

As a mom of two who gained 80+ with the last one– I just want to know what her secret is!
Her name is Maria Kang and she’s actually has set up a FAQ on her website addressing all the questions good and bad she’s received since posting this.

Some of you have inquired about my weight loss journey since having Bob. Happy to report in the last 4 1/2 months I’ve lost 63 pounds. I’m now doing strength training with a trainer two times a week and doing my best to stick with a 1,200 calorie diet. It has been extremely tough but I’ve learned to take it week by week.

Reading up on Maria.. she actually had weight issues too and has worked hard to achieve her  look now. I think people may be taken aback by the caption. Personally, I think it’s her page, her body and she can do what she wants. As I continue to try to lose weight my mindset is– give me inspiration. I can look at a photo like this and think– yeah that’s where I wanna go.

Meantime– back to the treadmill 🙂


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