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Bob’s 4D Sonogram

I never got a good 4D sonogram of Adora because she was breech. I decided to try again with Bob and at 30 weeks we got some pretty decent shots. I think the best part was watching him yawn a few times during the session. It was so cute. It appears he’s really into sucking his hands and toes already. He also often grabbed for the umbilical chord. Oh.. and he’s definitely a boy … but I’ll spare you those pictures!

Eyes blink!

Boy or Girl?

So now is the fun time. Learning if it’s a boy or a girl. I’m going to find out very soon but wanted to see what you think. Here’s of pic of the baby so far and here are some guesses:

Me: Boy
Husband: No clue
My father: Girl
Ladies at my nail salon: All say Boy

1 hour massage giveaway

All you have to do is “LIKE” the Facebook pages of local businesses Baby to Be Images and Lotus Therapeutic Massage. Between now and April 30th a lucky new fan will win 1 hour of pure bliss. Check it out below.

PICTURES & VIDEO: 3D Sonogram of Little Girl


Peggy Fox joined my famly and friends for my first ‘social sonogram’… something more expecting moms are starting to do. Linda Rihani who runs Baby to Be Images says it’s a growing trend. A visit that use to be just between partners has an open door policy at some place. At Baby To Be  there’s a plush couch for guests and gorgeous mural on the wall where the images of your baby are projected for all to ooooh and awwwww.  Pictures below.

MORE PHOTOS: Friends and Family attend my ‘Social Sonogram’

For $125 I got the session and a CD with 3D and 2D pictures of my baby and a DVD recording of the entire session. At 29 weeks my baby was still breach so it was tough to see past her hand. I plan to go back in a few weeks when she is turned so I can get a full view of her face and more!  For more information check out

My Social Sonogram, baby opens her eyes!

In a couple weeks we’ll be airing Peggy Fox’s story on having a ‘Social Sonogram.’ It was like watching a real time movie in 3D. My audience included my parents, two sisters Jenny and Tricia who flew in from Texas and good friends Alex Naini and Krystal Person (who’s expecting too!). Stay tuned for pics and video. I’ll save the 3D images to share later… we first did an old fashion sonogram where my baby girl actually looked at the camera– you can see her left eye.. but not her right because her hand was casting a shadow on that side of her face. She kept opening her eyes and yawning! So cute.

Follow my pregnancy online at WUSA9’s site just for moms Oh My BABY at

The LIVE audience at Baby To Be Images in Annapolis Maryland

Jelly on my belly with Linda trying to get my little girl to move her arms out of the way

VIDEO: Keeping the BIG secret

From bladder matters to buying new bras Peggy Fox is following Oh My Baby on the air. Check out the latest stories on why I waited 4 months to spill the beans and all the challenges that came with trying to hide it.

WATCH VIDEO: Angie on keeping the big secret.. how long did/would you wait?

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VIDEO: Oh My Baby, We're having a little…

booger that will look too cute coming home in this:

Alexa at The Magic Wardrobe helped me pick out this beautiful Pixie Lily sack with pink scallops and matching cap. 

I would love for you to join me on this new adventure .. I’m gonna need a lot of advice along the way. Follow my pregnancy online here:

WATCH VIDEO BELOW: WUSA9 is there when Hubby and me find out if we’re having a boy or a girl 

Oh My Baby! It's a…

What a wonderful experience finding out the sex of our child. My husband was there as well as Channel 9 capturing the whole thing. We got in there and I was as nervous as can be… in fact every sonogram I’ve been to I’ve been terribly nervous.. until I hear the heartbeat. Well we heard it! We saw it… we even got a close up and could see the 4 chambers of the heart. Truly amazing.

The sonographer Tom said that everything looks wonderful .. the only thing is that he/she is a little bigger than average! We’ve got a piggy in the making. 🙂 Tom said that that’s nothing to worry about at all.

So is it a boy or a girl? We now know for sure and Channel 9 holds the secret. WUSA’s Peggy Fox will be doing the story that will air next week… so until then I’m sworn to secrecy.. and YES it is killing me. Stay tuned… I’ll let you know the date and time.. and will definitely post the story here and on my Oh My BABY pat at

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