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A 4th to Remember

Happy birthday America! With exception of Adora getting hit by some fireworks debris it was an amazing 4th of July along the South Carolina shore. Hope everyone had a great and safe holiday!

adora 4th 1 adora 4th

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Firework on the eye! She was ok.

Goodnight beach

At the beach #norulesapply! I let Adora go out in her nightie to see the water before bedtime. She didn’t want to say goodnight.







David Gregory on South Carolina

New poll numbers show Mitt Romney with a big lead in South Carolina… in a state known for “picking Republican Presidents” can anything stop the GOP frontrunner?

PRESS Pass: Suze Oreman on the Economy

Meet the Press moderator David Gregory joins us in studio with a look ahead of next Saturday.

View more videos at:

Irene… I’m ready

Someone is leg’d and ready for Irene!

Irene messing up your weekend? We know that the rain or shine rule regarding the MLK Jr. Memorial Dedication is now out the door. The ceremony has been postponed indefinitely. In Maryland, Ocean City is under evacuation orders. Irene could hit the resort Saturday. In Virginia, the place I was headed for a little vaca called to say they’ll be closed this weekend.

MORE: Track the storm’s path

Tourists and travelers are being impacted all over. My husband’s flight from SC was cancelled Thursday, the airline saying because of the storm.  On the way home I saw a guy in the elevator carrying a bulk supply of water and adult beverages. As he struggled to hold it all up against the wall he exclaimed “I’m ready!”

On facebook,  my radio pal Tommy McFly who lives in DC posted this saying “Hurricane mania! Lines halfway down the aisles at the Social Safeway. Too much? I just wanted hummus.”

Then there is food writer Jordan Wright who has perhaps the most beautiful preparations I have ever heard of. She writes “Irene Storm Prep 101 – Jar of hibiscus flowers, anchovy stuffed olives, pickled ramps and fiddlehead ferns, bottle of Alaskan birch syrup and ten cans of coconut water – Rigaud candles and a fine Pomerol.”


Seersucker Social

Ohhh this gets my South Carolina girl in me going! What’s summer without seersucker?

This Saturday, June 4th at 1pm Dandies and Quaintrelles is hosting a vintage, seersucker attire bike ride followed by a lawn party. Bikers will meet at a secret location (which will be revealed via e-mail) and later attend the lawn party at Hillwood Museums and Gardens.

MORE: Dandies and Quaintrelles on Facebook

Guests can expect warm weather and good company with a retro feel.

REGISTER: For the Seersucker Social


Adora’s Baptism Pictures

“I am wonderfully made”

-Psalm 139:14

Thanks to cousin Matt for capturing the most important day in our baby’s life- Adora’s christening. We are grateful for the close friends and a family who traveled from as far as Texas to join us in South Carolina for the big day. Adora was baptized in the same gown her father wore.

Godmother Jennifer Wilson

Godfather John Jenkins


Her banner


Fat Files: Trying pilates

I finally got the greenlight from the doc to workout again! I gained 50 pounds with my pregnancy so I’m ready to start shedding this baby weight. I heard that pilates is an excellent way to work, strengthen and lengthen the entire body. It felt great but man was it challenging!

WIS-TV: Revisiting the blast from the past

While visiting family in South Carolina I decided to do a drop in at my old shop WIS-TV. It was like a big reunion. I got to see my former desk mate Dawndy who showered baby Adora with the most precious little outfit. It was so awesome seeing old work pals and sharing the new headline of my life- the baby! You know you’ve got true friends when you conveniently show up an hour before stories and anchors gotta be on-air and everyone stops to hug it out despite it being crunch time.

Congrats Hubby: 20 Under 40 Honoree

I’m so proud of my husband Robert. He was selected as an honoree for The State’s Annual 20 Under 40 Awards. As part of the Class of 2011 Inductees he is honored for making an impact in the community as a business leader! I don’t think anyone was prouder to see Robert in the paper… than his little baby. Read the full article here…

Click the article below to read about this year’s 20 Under 40

First Family Road Trip

I’m writing this post from the road in a minivan.. Yes a MINIVAN! I never thought this day would come. It is only temporary… we rented it for our road trip to South Carolina. So far we’re not off to the best start.. We were suppose to leave at 6 am…. um it was 11:34 when we finally pulled out. Just a little 5 hour delay. Adora slept 8 hours last night again so she’s well rested and ready to go. Nana and Papa Goff were sad to see her leave..but we’ll be back.
We call this ‘the MANivan!

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