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American University Visit

One of my favorite things to do outside of work is to visit schools and talk to students about pursuing your passion and sacrificing whatever it takes. When Professor Steve Piacente asked me to speak to his class I said yes knowing it would be a diverse crowd.

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What I love is that it’s a real mix of students from various places and totally different majors.They had some great questions including how I knew that changing my major in college was the right thing to do. Thank AU for having me. I always walk away from campus.. feeling a little more inspired.

Visiting AU

From David Gregory, Mike O’Meara, Willard Scott to America Ferrera and Giuliana Rancic..many great talents have come out of American University. It was a pleasure to speak with Professor Steve Piacente’s Writing for Communication class. It was a bright bunch with some pretty diverse goals and backgrounds. They asked interesting questions about things I really had to take the time to think about. My best interview? It’s still hard to answer that one. Maybe it’s yet to come.

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Interesting note about Professor Piacente. He was a DC correspondent for the Charleston paper for almost a decade. Related to that, he published a novel titled Bella much of which takes place in South Carolina. Check out the trailer

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