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VCU Victory

Logan Miller shot these over to us! Virginia Commonwealth University’s campus was in uproar after knocking out No.1 seed Kansas from the NCAA tournament. Neighboring streets had to be blocked off by police as students crowded around Monroe Park in celebration. The excitement carried into the night with a ‘Wecome Back’ rally for the winning basketball team. VCU is the 4th CAA team to make it to Sweet 16 since my alma mater George Mason in 2006. Let’s go Virginia!

Read MORE on WUSA9 about VCU’s victory.

OMG 2/2/10: Georgetown Cupcake Gets TLC Show

OMG on WUSA9 February 2, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– OH MY GOFF! Watch Angie Goff’s report on Georgetown Cupcake landing a reality TV show on TLC. Angie’s Army reports on the Tigerlily Foundation’s bachelor and bachelorette Auction for breast cancer. Virginians gather for a harvest dinner to celebrate locally grown food. Nationally, 75 artists gather to re-record “We Are the World” to benefit Haiti.

Student Dies, Gum Explodes In Mouth

Photo Credit: WUSA TV

OMG! A Ukrainian chemistry student’s family found him dead by his computer.. part of his face blown off according to authorities.  Ukrainian media report a stick of chewing gum did it.  According to USA Today the report says investigators learned the student often dipped his chewing gum into a packet of citric acid and had inadvertently dipped it instead into a similar-looking packet holding explosive material that was also on his desk.  Read the entire story here

Someone please tell me about this ‘citric acid’. I was a huge Fun Dipper as a child but that’s about as far as I took it. Ieven shyed away from Pop Rocks— with the fear the guy in the story above could be me.

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