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Tiger Woods: “It was never easy to begin with”

Tiger Woods was in town talking education and golf. At a private luncheon hosted at Cafe Milano we stopped in to join Bob Johnson and Franco Nuschese for a lunch honoring Wood’s foundation.

The Tiger Woods Foundation provides college-access programs to underserved kids. Over the last six years the group has served students in Wards 6 and 7 and provided scholarships for 25 DC based students so they can attend top universities. TWF has also awarded grants to 125 youth and education programs across the district.
It was neat to see another side of the golf great. Usually you see him talking post tournament. This was a relaxed luncheon where he started off by saying RGIII was gonna take over this town. When asked about his golf game.. and changing his swing, Tiger said “I haven’t had same consistencies I like but it just takes time.” He also admitted his past success was never easy to begin with. “Even when I played my best it was never easy,” Woods told the crowd.

The pro golfer also got back to his roots. Sharing the reason he changed his golf foundation into an education foundation. Going back to how he was raised.. a military father and a strict mother. He called his mom “the enforcer” and admitted he was afraid of her. Because of his mom education was always his priority.

After 9/11 he asked himself what would he have left behind if he had died in those buildings. Soon after Woods said he called his father Earl and came to the conclusion to make his golf foundation an education foundation to help kids in need. “A lot of kids are left behind… no kids should be left behind,” Woods said.

The TWF focuses on STEM which stands for Science, Tech, Engineering and Mathematics. Woods adds a good part of the program is that after the students get into college they have a mentor who is available to help them 24/7. Woods adds it’s not all about financial help. This way “they are not alone.”

Woods will be here June 25 through July 1st to host his annual At&T National Golf Tournament and $6.5 million dollar purse. Photos by Tiger Woods Foundation.

Students his charity has helped


After speaking at Congressional about National… he hit the links!

OMG 3/17/10: Tiger Woods "South Park" Episode

OMG on WUSA9 March 17, 2010 

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie reports on Tiger Woods on South Park episode, Angelina Jolie’s donation to Afghanistan, Paula Abdul’s new show. More on St. Patrick’s Day events and singer Janelle Monae performs in DC.

Watch LIVE : Tiger's 11AM News Conference

Tiger Woods, AP Photo

**Black picture means it’s in commercial**

Watch WUSA9‘s LIVE stream of Tiger’s first public appearance since news broke of his rumored affairs. He is expected to “make amends”  in his statement and will not be taking any questions. My colleage Andrea Roane was taking yours though on Facebook. She wanted to know what YOU would ask Tiger if you could. Many of you are sounding off.

OMG 2/18/10: Backstage at Fashion Week (1)

Designer Max Azria talks trends with Angie Goff

OMG on WUSA9 February 18, 2010

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Watch Angie’s report on Tiger breaking his silence, Nicole Ritchie engaged and going backstage at Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week. Also, DC does Dallas partying it up big time at NBA All Star Week.

Feds investigate "Unfaithful" Tiger Bottles

WUSA sister station KUSA in Denver reports Federal food officials are trying to figure out how these unfaithfully filled bottles of gatorade bearing the picture of Tiger and his wife Elin made it to store shelves at a local Safeway. Read the entire story and watch the video at

  Elin & Tiger on Gatorade BottleMore at

Steamy OR Scary.. New Tiger Pix?

WUSA’s Kristin Fisher reported this during her what’s hot on the web report Tues morning.  These so called hot shots of the pro golfer were taken by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz  for this month’s Vanity Fair. They were taken before his admitted “transgressions”.  I honestly think he looks scary.

Steamy or Scary?

Steamy or Scary?

Biggest Test Yet For Tiger

Tiger & Elin

By Joey Kamide

Over the past two decades, there have been two athletes that sports fans have held to a different standard, looked upon as a cut above even the best of athletes and considered the best finishers of their generations, if not of all time.

Just in the past few months, however, we’ve seen those two icons — Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods — make decisions that have proved that even they are mortal and capable of making the same mistakes we make.

Jordan, at his induction speech to the National Basketball Hall of Fame in September, made himself to look petty and bullish in picking on everyone from former high school teammates to college coaches to NBA rivals he competed against over a career many consider to be the greatest of all-time. An admitted gambler who was accused of adultery before divorcing from his wife a couple years ago and returned to the court twice after retirements, Jordan has shown for years the ability to bounce back and come away better than ever.

This latest misstep will prove to be no different for Jordan. Mark my words, within two years, when people talk of MJ, it will be about the highlight reel dunks, championships and classic commercials, and not the embarrassing speech in Springfield.

Now, Woods, who has been about as squeaky clean as a new pair of Nike golf shoes since bursting onto the scene at the 1997 Masters, has apparently shown some kinks in his armor with the latest car accident/wife smashing out his car window with a golf club/alleged voicemail to mistress ordeal that has dominated SportsCenter for the past week.

For days, Tiger ducked the issue before finally coming out with a comment on his web site in which he apologized to his wife and family for “transgressions” he’s made and the bad decisions that apparently led to everything happening over the weekend at his house in Florida. Now, we get to see how he responds (or at least will when he resumes playing and facing the media on a regular basis next month), and will see for the first timMichael Jordan Speeche how perhaps the best clutch golfer of all-time performs under a different kind of pressure, away from the back nine on Sunday at Augusta.

Jordan made a living out of dominating his opponents, then coming back after drawbacks in his life and regaining the form that sold all those Nikes during the 80s and 90s. I’m interested to see how Tiger, who many believe was on his way to becoming the greatest golfer to ever live, is able to respond to his first misstep away from the golf course and the backlash that has already begun to occur as a result.

As sad as it may be, the deciding factor in determining the greatest closer between the two may be how well Tiger plays now, after we’ve seen how human he can really be.

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