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This bites

We all have quirks about us that get on our nerves. Things others often say are no big deal.. but they matter to you. For me it’s the overbite. I think I realized it was prominent in the 7th grade when the guy I had a big crush on referred to me as “Bucky.” We never dated.

I would get braces if I could but given my line of work that could be tough. I am strongly considering pulling the¬†choppers back. Got any thoughts on adult braces.. or any quirks about you you don’t like? Feel free to share.


Um ok I’m lying. I hate to floss.. and I’m married to a dentist so imagine how those night time conversations go. However, I love finding new ways to motivate me to do things that are good for me. I am thrilled to see friend and local cosmetic dentist Dr. Alex Naini join Dr. Oz’s panel of experts. Her first piece answers the question “Do I really need to floss?” ¬†What I love about her advice is that it is the real deal. Like when she shares most people think they brush twice daily, their teeth are clean and they have fresh breath. Dr. Alex says “People usually don’t realize that their breath stinks and a lot of times their loved ones are too nice to tell them the truth.”

As you grab for that tic-tac.. chew on this: In her article Dr. Alex says if you’re going to pick between brushing and flossing, FLOSS! She repeats, FLOSS! Curious? Read more at Dr. Oz…

Dr. Alex Naini practices dentistry in McLean Virginia.

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