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Our Fairy Door

My daughter loves fairies. When thdoore weather is nice we actually have gone on walks looking for real fairies. Well if your little one is into the whimsy they’ll probably love the Lil Fairy Door. This is a door that can be put on your wall in a book shelf pretty much any where your fairy likes to get in and out of your house while you’re sleeping. You leave her notes.. and she writes you back. Adora sometimes leaves her gifts.. and she gets surprises sometimes too. The fairy is always watching.. kind of like Elf on the Shelf. She wants to make sure you’re being on your very best behavior. She also has teeny tiny fairy ears .. so when you scream it really hurts. Sometimes I have to remind the kids of that. We got our fairy door here but it took a while to come in because things were back-ordered. Since then I found some cheaper ones with adorable accessories on etsy.



Found these fun accessories at 15Monkeys on Etsy!

fairy letters

fairy mailAdora looking for fairies in 2014

Do you ever scroll through your camera roll for pix and videos you took years ago? I was stuck waiting at a place with no wi-fi (heaven forbid!) so I decided to look at the oldest stuff stored on my phone. That's when I came across this video. It's of Adora 2 years ago on a quest to find real fairies. As time goes by…it's amazing how one can forget little moments, sweet frames of childhood captured on the fly.Thank goodness for that crummy wi-fi.

Posted by Angie Goff on Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Steve Jobs Doll

Why does this creep me out just a little bit? This is the new Steve Jobs action figure. It looks so real it scares me. He even has his wedding ring on. It comes with a pair of black socks, the chair and back drop and two apples– one has a bite in it.

It’s made by In Icons and will cost abut $99 and goes on sale in February. Photo Credit: Mashable

Last minute “Local” Toys

Anjali Varma from Kidville in Bethesda stops by the studio with some great last minute gift ideas.. that you can get right here!

View more videos at:

Breastfeeding Baby Doll to hit market

It’s exactly what it sounds like. A doll for your child that breastfeeds. It’s called the Breast Milk Baby and the company is bringing it to the US.  There’s a harness your daughter can wear with sensors in place of the nipple. When the doll is brought close to the flowers… it eats and you can hear the suckling noise. Some parents say too much too soon.. but breast feeding advocates argue it’s education. There is no doubt that breast feeding in public is still being sexualized.. just look at all the news stories we do (mom asked to leave mall for breastfeeding her daughter.)  Read more of the story here…

Check out the story we did below… what’s your take?

Niece's new doll.. has INTESTINES!

Some 3 year olds get barbies… my neice gets a 4D Human Anatomy Model Puzzle..intestines and all, ew.  See the hilarious video below.

My new smelly bear

Hubby Robert you’ve got some fierce competition… meet ROARBERT! 

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