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Happy Halloween from my Family Circus

We love this holiday and everyone (even mama Chin) gets into it! From festive cupcakes, to a lion cage and trick or treating with Kiss we ate up Halloween 2015!

halloween15 angie bob1

halloween15 circus

halloween2015 adora trick or treating

halloween15 bob


With my sisters and their fun families!hallowen15 family

Home for the holidays

We saluted the US military this year with the Reston Town Center Holiday Parade! It was a grand celebration and Doug and I were so happy to be a part of it. The tree lighting was magical as always!













All in the picture

It’s rare that my entire family gets together. My sister lives in Texas which makes visits tough. This holiday we had one of those rare chances.. a few very cherished days. My younger sister mandated we get a “Family Photo”. With freezing temps and 5 hyper active grandchildren I was bracing for a high-stress gathering. It was cold and there was some chaos as you can tell– but in the end we were all laughing and so happy that we found the time to capture this time together. Photos by Kai.

Grandkids 2

Family 2

Family 3

Ren and Chin

Mom and the Girls

SistersSuch a joker!

Daddy the thinker

Ellis Family 1

Ellis Family


Caelyn Adora







DSC_0136Photo bomb!


Day at Clay Cafe (then Korean)

Picking out our colors

As my daughter gets older (can you believe 21 months already!) I’m constantly looking fornew ways to engage her and to play with her. I heard about Clay Cafe inChantilly. We made the trip with my sisters and their kiddos.

MORE: Why my kid got kicked out of yoga

Of course our timing wasterrible.. we showed up with less than hour before closing. Still the staff was great… they said we could paint something very quick and we got crackin’. For Adora I chose a cupcake plate while my niece opted for a more challenging tea pot. Loved that my sister Jenny aka “new mom” dabbed her baby’s tiny foot in the (kid friendly) paint to do an imprint.

We got our projects done with a few minutes to spare. We have to wait 8-10 days before we can pick them up. Can’t wait to see how the pottery turns out.
After our crafty session we couldn’t help but hop across the street to Lotte. The Korean grocery mart also has good restaurants. Our parents drove out to join us and it became an impromptu family affair. Those are always the best kind.


There was a bit of self painting going on too

Sister Tricia and daughter Caelyn


New nephew Knox.. still so new


The gaggle go for Korean

Fish juice in the face!

And I have to admit as gross as it was.. I loved it! It was great getting a laugh out of the whole family as we pulled our cane pole over the bridge to see our winning catch.. only to have it hit me in the face.

We woke up early this past weekend for a little fishing trip at Lake Fairfax. The sun was bright and the fish were biting. Adora caught her first fish too with the help of Papa. These are the times I can’t wait to look back on. It also makes me think back to when I was small. I remember going fishing as a child and being totally grossed out by the worms. I still am.

Lake Fairfax is a cool place. At noon on weekends you can take the flat boat out to tour the lake or take the kids for a ride on the old fashion carousel. There is also a water park next door– but get there before they open the line gets out of control!

My nephew and mom feed the birds

Caelyn’s first catch!!

Admiring someone elses big catfish catch

Kimchi, seaweed and rice balls.. the perfect picnic food

Lake Fairfax

Samoa Cookie as a cake?

We celebrated my father’s 60th birthday with the things he’s grown to love the most: family and Korean food! He also is a big fan of cookies… and like most Americans will never turn down a good Girl Scout treat. My sister Tricia is an excellent cook and baker and is always up for trying new recipes. After she saw this Samoa cookie inspired cake.. she thought the big birthday was a perfect day to give it a try. In the end my dad approved and even had a nice hibiscus shirt to match the theme! Happy Birthday DAD!

with birthday papa and cousin Caelyn

I'm the best grandbaby

The big Samoa

The big samoa by Tricia

The best gift— um homemade deodorant by Tricia. ew



Throwing a Little Man Bow Tie Baby Shower

Hand made bow ties wrap mason jars

My sisters and I joke that if we just quit our jobs we could probably open up the best little party planning boutique. We all are totally Type A.. rigidly organized and very detailed when it comes to planning anything. Did I ever tell you about the time my older sis sent me her family’s christmas gift registry?

We were so excited to host a baby shower for my sister Jenny as she prepares to welcome her new “little man” Knox to the world. My sister Tricia, Jenny’s best friend Kristin and I threw her a bow tie themed baby shower. It was held in the beautiful Virginia Room at the Washington Golf and Country Club. The color scheme matches the nursery… navy, white and kelly green.

Jenny with AOII sisters Javen and Ashley

Upon arrival everyone got a handmade bow tie.

Instead of doing a guest book I got this fabulous idea after asking for baby shower ideas on Facebook. Erica Frendach contacted me and told me about these baby wish lists she makes. Every guest fills in the blank to very simple questions like “I hope you aren’t afraid of _____ !” The guest signs it with love and eventually all entries will be bound into a wish book for the baby when they get older. We read some of them out loud and they were both touching and hilarious! Made by Prince Frederick Graphics and Printing

Little helpers: Baby Adora and cousins Caelyn and Liam were dressed for the occasion. I got these tutus and matching bow tie shirts through Lakesha Cole of Tutee Swank. She can customize a tutu for any event.

Liam is going through a phase where he won’t go anywhere without a superhero cape. I had this Green Lantern cape made by Little Shepsters and found a customized plaid bow tie stitched tee at Chickadee Station.

The dessert bar was sweet and simple. Vintage books in shades of green were props. The caramel white ribbon cake and navy lemon cake pops were fresh from Edibles Incredibles in Reston. There was also French pistachio macarons, old fashion lollipops and unbelievably good homemade white cupcakes by Critters and Crayons.

Customized buffet cards by

And what’s a party without personalized M&Ms

One of the hosts Kristin Happe with her mom who was a big help and arranged the gorgeous flowers (she made the ribbon too!)

We did a monogrammed centerpiece

The clothesline was within the color scheme. Little tote by CraftyCreations2

Jenny with mom in law Tracy, our mom Chin, Me and sister Tricia

The summer spread included bow tie pasta and chilled strawberry soup. Invitations by Posh Paperie.

We draped the burlap banner with Knox’s name

Nina Bui fills out her Wish List for Knox

For games we just passed ribbon around and asked people to guess Jenny’s bump size. We also handed out baby scratch off tickets… and there were 6 lucky winners.

From quilts to onesies handmade gifts were a hit!

The child of the ultimate Cheer Coach has no chance! He’ll probably tumble out of the womb.

Proud Papa and Nana Goff

Tram brought a wild and wonderful diaper cake!

Handmade onesie soaps with bow ties were party favors. I got the bucket through Bin There Designs

With Dr. Alex Naini who helped greet guests!

Cupcake smashing!

In the end.. it was all good!

Enjoy the gift of life sister.





Moved to tears

Lina with sister Katie who yawns

Every now and then you come across a story that takes your breath away. One that is so heavy on your heart that it moves you to tears. You can’t stop reading or watching it.  Sometimes they are stories of hate, the unthinkable, insurmountable strength and many times love. This is a love story like no other. Many don’t know I have an older sister who lives in Texas. I was deeply touched after she shared the story of Katie- who was born this month… with expectations she would soon die.  My sister writes…

During the months leading up to birth, most parents excitedly plan their newborn’s first photo shoot, what matching outfit will be worn home, or maybe what nursery decor will welcome their healthy baby.

Dawn and Michael made funeral arrangements. They selected a casket. They put the coroner’s number on speed dial. They ensured a priest was on stand-by so their daughter could be baptized. They explained to their five year old, that her baby sister will be born, but that she will go to Jesus quickly. They picked out a welcoming outfit. And then they picked one to bury her in.

SEE MORE: Katie’s story and pictures
Join Katie’s Fighters on Facebook

Katie is an anencephalic baby— nearly 1 in 4,859 babies are born this way. It’s a serious neural tube defect leaving the baby without parts of her brain or skull. Katie has a fleshy notch on her head, a cleft palate, eyelids that failed to separate leaving the 4 pound angel with a bump protruding from where her left eye should be. Despite all this the pictures will show that Katie yawns, grips and even smiles. She is a true warrior. I never knew that this condition existed and have been inspired to learn more about Anencephaly.  Katie has already held on for  2 weeks… and I hope you can join me in sending your prayers to her strong family Michael, Dawn and Lina.  With that I’ll leave you with some words from my sister.. you can read more from her here

When Katie’s hardest battle is over, her warrior spirit and small body will be comforted and warmed for eternity in a blanket her mother made for her, that is now filled with the full energy of unexpected memories, undeterred faith, intense gratitude, the ripples of her movement, and transcendant love.

For the fathers

I hope all the dads out there enjoy this Sunday set aside just for them! It’s extra special for us since we’ll be celebrating our first Father’s Day.

… and a very big thank you to dad and papa for loving us so much.


My Imperfect Family

So my older sister Tricia who lives in Texas was visiting for the last couple weeks. We don’t see her often and never know when the next chance will be. With that,  we of course had to seize the opportunity for family photos that are absolutely unofficial and unprofessional in every way. God Bless the digital camera and it’s ability to reveal who we really are.

Um.. which one of you needed to go out?

Something does not belong

Frame-able At Last!

Sad how time flies…

but what beautiful new things it brings along the way

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