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Gucci in DC: US Air loses $50,000 worth of luggage


The heir to the GUCCI dynasty was in DC during his first visit to the US. 83 year old Giorgio Gucci spoke on Capitol Hill on the issue of the black market. He urged leaders to pass stronger counterfeit laws and follow through with enforcement. An unfortunate fashion note… Gucci addressed the crowd in an emergency buy… an untailored, slightly too big Jos. A Bank suit. The designer scrambled to find something to wear after US Airways lost $50,000 worth of his luggage! Gucci himself did not seem rattled. I was impressed with his graciousness.


Highlights from the forum included an outstanding performance by opera sensation Cristina Fontinelli who sang the National Anthem. Rep. Diane E. Watson was honored as well for her push to protect designers and fashion commerce. I was honored to emcee the talk that included great insight from expert panelists Jean Bonilla, Caroyl Miller and Steve Hilson. The Greater Washington Chamber of Commerce and Emperor Brands hosted the forum.

Check out my interview with him about what he thought about his first visit to the Nation’s Capitol.  I’ll be airing more video on the WUSA9 Morning Show Friday. Tune in.

New Airline Fees… for SUMMER flying?!?

Today a report our consumer reporter did really disturbed me. I fly almost every other weekend  but I don’t think it’s news that will p-OFF just the frequent travelers out there.

USA Today reports airliners have increased what you’ll pay for a flight nearly EVERY day this summer by tacking on a surcharge for flying on a ‘peak travel day.’ The paper says that they’re trying to do this ‘quietly.’ SAY WHAT?!? This is worse than my recent recap of when I asked a flight attendant about gum all over my seatbelt and she proceeded to wrap my barf bag around it to keep it from getting on my close.  See pic.

We’re talking anywhere from $10 to $30 Each one-way domestic flight, is referenced in this data. So how does it break down, USA Today says for a family of four, the extra charge could add up to $240 plus to the cost of a round trip this summer.

It’s like they’re making Memorial Day Weekend every day this summer season. What nerve.

Which airlines to look out for:  American, Delta, Continental, United and US Airways— have surcharges on most flights on 73 of 74 days June 10 through Aug. 22. The only day without a surcharge is July 4, usually one of the summer’s least-busy travel days.

 On a brighter and lighter note, Southwest and JetBlue have no surcharges on any flights.

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