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Anything for breakfast

Ask anyone you know who works the early morning shift and most likely they will tell you they can eat anything for breakfast– sushi.. pizza.. seaweed?!? Yep that’s what I got with my coffee today.

Previous morning favorites include …

Soy Cool! Sushi On Conveyor Belt

When I twitpic’d this rotating rawness I got all kinda fishy feedback. But most said DON’T DO IT you don’t know how long that stank fish has been doing the rounds. After careful consideration I decided to give it a try and in the process brought a couple friends- so if it was bad I would not go down (or get sick) alone.¬† Well Dr. Alex Naini¬†and Devotion to Children founder and president Rosemary Tran Lauer all agree… the product passed the test.

Was it my favorite place? No. Would I go again? Yeah.. but probably not solo. There is something odd about the escalator riders looking down on you. Cuts? They weren’t generous but then again they weren’t that expensive. Based on the color of the band around the plate you pick up is how you know how much to pay.

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