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Access Washington: Faces & Places of 2010

Thanks to Janet Donovan for this amazing compilation of candids that sum up a year of celebrity, politicos and media heads making buzz in Washington this past year!


Foul Bean: What's up with chili cook-off Entry names

I don’t think I’ll ever volunteer to judge green chili again. Not because it doesn’t taste good (it tastes great) but perhaps because of how it looks… 22 times over. I’ll stick with red. Another thing I don’t get is why contestants insist on naming their prized bowl after things that trigger gag reflex. It appears many of them try to blow up just how hot their stuff is but in all reality don’t they know chili judges are told to pick something balanced with the right spice. I can’t post pics of many of the tents at the DC101 Chili Cook-Off but I’ve shared a couple below. Despite the names RFK smelled amazing!

Fellow judges WUSA9’s Anita Brikman and hubby support the National Kidney Foundation

More judges FOX5’s Will Thomas here with friends Barrie Friedman and Keith Melancon

Oh yeah,  that’s the aftertaste I’m looking for.

Left behind the hometown pride?

Mugged: No White Castle Love in Washington

24 Fans where’s Jack Bauer when you need him? Kal Penn of  “Harold and Kumar” fame got mugged this morning and held up at gunpoint according to TMZ. It happened early this morning while Penn was walking through a Washington DC neighborhood.

The attacker took Penn’s wallet and some other stuff. Doesn’t seem like there are any leads just yet.

Penn who has a passion for acting recently left the industry to pursue a career in politics when Obama got in office.

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