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Dating site helps women seeking "Sugar Daddy"

There is something so wrong about this– but yet– a part of me thinks “If this is what you want and a man  is dumb enough not to see through it than you both deserve each other.”

Yeah, that’s my thought on the new dating website It claims to pair rich guys with women seeking the “sugar” lifestyle  aka “a gold digger.” The idea is to connect a “Sugar daddy” member with “Sugar baby”. It’s hilarious… when I went to the site it features pictures of salt ‘n’ pepper men with knock-out blondes. Is it just me or does it look like this guy spray painted his hair on.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m all about finding love.. even online. But SugarSugar seems more like a recipe for future relationship failure than a true find.

Pink Masquerade & Prayers Needed

Founder Maimah Karmo and her Tigerlily Foundation hosted their Pink Masquerade 2010, in hopes of raising awareness of young women battling breast cancer. I would love if you could keep my friend Stef Woods (pictured right) in your prayers. She just started her round of chemo and we are wishing her strength with much love during this challenging journey.

Thank you to Maimah and her network for continuing to educate our public about how real this disease is and how it can touch anyone… no matter how old you are.


Create a wardrobe you love this Fall

Fall fashion is here and ‘Work It Girl Networking’ is helping women get closet ready for the new season.

PHOTOS: Fall Fashionista’s Brunch

MORE: Attend the next Work It Girl Luncheon

Washington stylist Kara Allan lead the Fall Fashionista’s Brunch and show offering advice to creating a wardrobe you love. All models were local CEOS or non-profit founders in our community like Pamela Sorensen, Becky Lee and Maimah Karmo.  For more tips from Kara to creating a look you love from clothes you already have… read the full story here.

VA Girls 'Work It', Tips on Getting Biz Media Buzz

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Angie Goff reports from the Work It Girl Networking luncheon where Northern Virginia businesswomen greet, eat and look to empower their brand.

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Work It Girl Networking Luncheon: In, local buzz we’re lunchin’ with businesswomen of Northern Virginia. Work It Girl Networking hosted a fun eat and meet luncheon at the Reston Town Center Hyatt. Every month, women business owners get together to learn how to expand their outreach and empower their brand. Work It Girl founder, Teresa Young says she came up with the idea when she realized there weren’t many networking groups just for Northern Virginia. In addition to the chance to shop different vendors at the event, guests can win great raffle prizes like a trip to New York City.  See tips to get your story on air below. Pictures by Rich Kessler Designs

Luncheon Topic: Tips on giving your story flair to make it on-air

  • Get good at writing short (2-3 paragraph) news releases and remember to tailor each release for the specific media outlet you’re pitching it to. Keep it simple, reporters have minimal time to skim your pitch. If you can reference the reporter’s previous work on the topic.
  • Ask yourself how this story will HELP the public, in this case the reader of viewer in your community.
  • Follow the news: Editors, reporters want a story that is relevant. For instance, a story on the hottest organic cosmetics may work around Earth Day.
  • Zone in on media franchises within stations and newspapers. Does your business tailor more toward a green reporter, health reporter, style etc. Research the big bloggers that take on these issues and reach out.
  • Network the old fashion way. Check out local events, drive into DC if you have to. A reporter or media outlet is more likely to give you a second look if you can preface your pitch with “We met at…”
  • Build a media call list: has a list of emails/contacts for network affiliates but it’s up to you to do the research to get the main contacts for the papers and TV stations you’re interested in. You can always call the outlet and ask for the contact info for the person to pitch a story to. They’ll give it to you.
  • Invest time in social media. Make sure your website is YOU. It is the first thing everyone will look at and like an mailed invitation will judge how great this party will be based off first impression. On your webpage make sure once your brand is in the media– you keep a resume page of your appearances, features and articles. This gives you credentials.
    • Use Facebook and Twitter to post exclusives and specials for your followers and fans. They’ll follow you and tell others too if they know they can get something the average person can’t.  
    • Look for TV stations and papers that ask for citizen or i-reporters. It’s a new trend where everyday folks submit pictures, videos and news. Angie Goff’s Angie’s Army is all about that. Her daily morning show segment is social media driven made up of reports she gets from viewers and readers.

Savvy Women SUIT UP!

By OMG’s Kathy Chun

It’s the season to suit up! Suited for Change, an organization providing educational and professional wardrobe service to low-income women, is celebrating its’ 18th anniversary! Join them!

Wednesday May 5th
6-9 PM at the Naval Heritage Center

Serving the Washington area since 1992, the organization has paved women’s way to success in the corporate world while providing topnotch attire. Hosted by my newsgal pal NBC4 Anchor, Eun Yang, the fundraiser will include a buffet dinner, cocktails and the chance to win exciting auction items. Advanced tickets can be purchased online at

Sweetlife Festival, Georgetown House Tour, DC Art

See the story as aired on the WUSA9 Morning Show

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff on Sweetgreen’s Sweetlife Music Festival, a tour of Georgetown’s most beautiful homes and DC’s ‘New York Avenue Sculpture Project.

Interesting: Cities rack up public artwork with bike racks

OMG 4/6/10: Redskinette Tryouts, Sheila Johnson

See the full story as aired on WUSA9

WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA)– Oh My GOFF! Angie Goff reports on the 2010 Redskinette Cheerleader Try-Outs. Also, D.C.’s most powerful women hear from BET’s Sheila Johnson at a business breakfast, “Where Do Women Stand. In national news, Dennis Hopper’s health, Tiki Barber’s break-up and CMT nominees are announced.

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Vote: 2010 Country Music Television Awards

Oh Snap! Tigerlily is fierce

It may be March Madness but Washington got wild about the football stars who turned out to support the ‘Tigerlily Kick-Off for Breast Cancer’. Redskins Jason Campbell, Lorenzo Alexander and Kedric Golston spoke from the heart to a crowd packed Josephine on Vermont. The ladies of the night: Tigerlily founder and breast cancer survivor Maimah Karmo & dentist Dr. Alex Naini who planned the party that will help so many young women from the metro area!
[Pictured Right: Jonathan Norris & Friend]

Dr. Alex Naini, Jason Campbell, Maimah Karmo and Angie Goff

Jose Fernandez and wife Jackie Fernandez 

Kristina D’Ambrosio, Jesse Wilson & Carissa Maguire

Moshe Zusman with Jason Mandel

[Photo Credit: Michael Domingo]

Oh Snap! And the Oscar goes to…

Kevin, Becky, Claudia & Kate

It’s the only Academy sanctioned viewing party in DC. Oscar Night DC 2010 the third year was more glamorous than ever.  You felt amongst stars at the Oscar fitting National Museum of Women in the Arts. My friends fell in love with the champagne glasses lined with honey topped with a fresh sprig of lavender. My guess is that the gorge gowns made for more people watching then Oscar viewing. Sandra, Monique, K. Bigelow and more…  a little acceptance speech for you. We thank you giving us a reason to get decked out, wear uncomfortable kicks, eat fine food and party on a Sunday night. The events proceeds is one of the biggest fundraisers for our area’s Red Cross.
[Pictured right: Kevin Roots, Becky Lee, Claudia Camelia Cotca & Kate Michael]

Mike Carson, Dr. Alex Naini, Angie Goff, Pamela Pressley

Mike, Alex, Angie & Pamela

Russian models Ksusha Belousova & Anna Sizykh strike a pose

Ksusha & Anna

Don Kent & Mercedes LeGrand are ready to toast!

Don & Mercedes

Red Cross volunteer Tesa Leon


Emily Nolan rocks the jumpsuit


Philip Elder & Angela Endicott watch the pre-show

Philip & Angie

DC Newsladies Dish at Lunch

Pamela Brown, Angie Goff, Lindsay Czarniak, Sue Palka

Contrary to competition belief… us news gals from different stations really do get along. So much so that we frequently meet for a girls lunch out. Today  the fab Colleen Evans invited us to the Westend Bistro in Georgetown. The menu was delightful and the white and purple cauliflower to die for. In the end it was the mini macaroons that stole my heart– and FOX5’s Laura Evans who stole the show. She JUST had a baby boy and still came out to show the love and LOOKED AMAZING! Congrats Laura!

So what do we talk about? Well, us morn gals moan and groan about our hours but then offer our condolences when the primaries like Lesli Foster, Anita Brikman and Shawn Yancy have to dip outta lunch early to prep for their show. Lindsay and I dished about the Olympics and Fashion Week… while we all gave our roundtable YES vote for Pamela Brown’s new hue for her do!

PS:  Chef Joe Palma is so down to earth and is all about having fun with his American fare! Westend Bistro is located in the Ritz-Carlton at 1190 22nd Street NW DC.

PSS: Get ready DC… the babes are already talking Newsbabes Bash for Breast Cancer #2! Stay tuned, details on the pink flair affair to come. Follow the latest from all of us on Twitter @DCnewsbabes

Susan Nixon, Eun Yang & Colleen Evans 

Lesli Foster & Shawn Yancy

Pamela Brown with Roxanne Roberts

[Pictured: WJLA’s Pamela Brown along wit, WUSA’s Angie Goff, NBC4’s Lindsay Czarniak &FOX5’s Sue Palka, Susan Nixon with NBC4’s Eun Yang and The Ritz-Carlton’s Colleen Evans, WUSA’s Lesli Foster with FOX5’s Shawn Yancy, Pamela Brown and The Reliable Source’s Roxanne Roberts]


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