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WGirls get "DC FIT"

A great group of giving women known around town as the WGirls work-it at this year’s “DC Fit Week” expo! Read more about what’s motivating them or check out my report from the Morning Show below.

Back to 'Mommy' Bootcamp

I was bold and headed back to Mommy Bootcamp for the first time since I had Adora. I brought the baby too… which is the beauty and mega perk of this high energy workout for women in our area. There are classes weekday mornings and also on Saturdays. It’s fun but let me tell you it’s tough. I know I’ll be hurting in the morning. With 20 more LBs to lose… that’s a good thing. Check out the MBC schedule here. Classes are held in Tysons, Dulles Mall and Dulles Sportsplex.

Adora broke out the sweatsuit for this one!

Amy and 13 week old Natalia

Mommy Strong All Day Long: Watch Us In Action

Fat Files: Trying pilates

I finally got the greenlight from the doc to workout again! I gained 50 pounds with my pregnancy so I’m ready to start shedding this baby weight. I heard that pilates is an excellent way to work, strengthen and lengthen the entire body. It felt great but man was it challenging!

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