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Even after his death.. Zach Lederer continues to make a difference

One of the finest young men I’ve ever met. It was so sad to lose him. Even though he’s gone what he started with one ‘strongman pose’ continues to make a difference. I’m so glad his family allowed me to share the story.

Living the Dream

Tonight at 5pm on NBC4.

Zaching: New Symbol in Fight Against Cancer

The strongman pose of an 18 year oldĀ  who just wanted to show his family and friends he was ok after brain surgery… is inspiring cancer patients across the country. Zach Lederer is the inspiration behind #Zaching. We caught up with him at the University of Maryland where he is the student manager for the basketball team.

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I’m loving this story I’m working about a University of Maryland student battling cancer… who’s strongman pose after surgery has gone viral. I had a wonderful interview with Zach Lederer… who is now inspiring cancer patients across the country. Gotta get back to writing but hope you’ll stay up to see this awesome story on News4 at 11 tonight on NBC4.

PS: Send your #Zaching pictures to His good friend Raymond is running this website which has a running collection of Zaching as it happens!

Oh.. and here’s a good little tease of what’s to come tonight!

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