A ShamRockin’ Birthday

My St. Patrick’s Day got off to a great start. Around 5AM the wonderful morning show crew surprised me with cupcakes and a cake (that tasted like COSTCO cake- my favorite!). Between the flowers, facebook messages and tweets, phone calls and texts I feel very fortunate to have lived another year and to have had such incredible people in my life. Thank you! Be safe everyone and hope you strike the luck of the Irish today!

Cake for breakfast

Corn Beef and Cabbage!

My Lucky Charm!

Dancing to Irish Folk Singer’s music

Party’s over.. let’s go!

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4 Responses to “A ShamRockin’ Birthday”

  1. Ant Linda says:

    Just tooooooooooooo cute !! Glad it was fun ! xoxx

  2. tricia says:

    Happy Birthday! Did you get our birthday song on the phone? Adora could not be cuter!!!!

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