All in the picture

It’s rare that my entire family gets together. My sister lives in Texas which makes visits tough. This holiday we had one of those rare chances.. a few very cherished days. My younger sister mandated we get a “Family Photo”. With freezing temps and 5 hyper active grandchildren I was bracing for a high-stress gathering. It was cold and there was some chaos as you can tell– but in the end we were all laughing and so happy that we found the time to capture this time together. Photos by Kai.

Grandkids 2

Family 2

Family 3

Ren and Chin

Mom and the Girls

SistersSuch a joker!

Daddy the thinker

Ellis Family 1

Ellis Family


Caelyn Adora







DSC_0136Photo bomb!


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4 Responses to “All in the picture”

  1. Terri Marks says:

    Angie the pictures are wonderful. You have a beautiful family.

  2. tricia says:

    Great post, Ang! So glad we did it…Kai did great!

  3. Babs says:

    Angie, you have an awesome,beautiful,loving family, I love all the pics you post,and these are the best by far! BTW, Happy New Year to you and your family!

  4. Stef says:

    These are great! Truly photos and memories to treasure! Espcially love the cousins trying to hold Bob IV and the pic of you and your sisters. xoxo

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