ARMY Mom Strong

Anyone who’s had a baby knows just how tough it can be to get back in shape. Imagine having to have to take a physical fitness test and meet a weight requirement 6 months after delivery! It’s the reality for the brave women in our military. The good news.. there’s a unique program that is helping pregnant soldiers stay fit physically and emotionally. Tune in for my story from Fort Meade Maryland this evening. It airs on News4 at 4 after Ellen!

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  1. Frankie says:

    I watched for this story since the person in charge of the program is a close friend of mine but I didn’t see it air. I also looked on the News4 site and searched for a few different words but nothing came up. Was this story placed on the back burner or did I miss it? This is definitely a wonderful story especially knowing where this program came from to where it is now. Thank you for covering the story.

    • admin says:

      Hi Frankie! Thanks so much for tuning in.. the story got moved last minute to the 5pm newscast.. so it did air! I’ll be airing it again this Saturday during our 9AM show for those who missed it! It will also be online!
      thanks for your support!

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